Wright for Mayor 4-page wrap in November issue of Herald paid for by his campaign

By Allen Payton, Publisher & Editor

This is to inform our readers that there was a mistake on the back page of the four-page advertisement, known as a wrap, around the outside of the November issue of the Antioch Herald promoting Dr. Sean Wright’s campaign for Mayor of Antioch. It was paid for by his campaign whose FPPC ID# is 1384338, but that information was too small to read.

The revised back page artwork with a larger “Paid for by” section was not used by the printer, but instead the original artwork sent to them. The revised artwork also contained additional endorsements of Wright by Supervisor Mary Piepho, Robin Agopian and Gordon Gravelle. The revised back page can be seen on the right side of our website.

We take responsibility for this and apologize for the communications break-down between us and our printer, and it is not the fault of either Wright or his campaign. We hope this clears up any misunderstanding or confusion regarding paid political advertisement.

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