Martinez councilwoman writes to support Glover for Supervisor

Dear Editor:

As an 18-year employee of Contra Costa County and a 14-year member of the Martinez City Council, I have a unique insight into the two candidates for the District 5 Supervisor race, having worked with both for several years.  Consequently, I am supporting Supervisor Federal Glover.

Federal has demonstrated over many decades in office the ethics and temperament to be an effective leader; people trust him, unlike his opponent. He builds strong, lasting relationships and coalitions, proving that achievement takes collaboration and is built on shared goals and values—not mega-doses of ego or backroom dealings. Federal is a true public servant who believes in good governance and the causes he champions; not someone bent on using their position and influence to “feather their own nest,” climb the political ladder, or take care of their special interests. Federal also has a record of accomplishment and exciting initiatives for the future—not just campaign promises and empty slogans.

On the Board of Supervisors, Federal made tough decisions during the Great Recession, resulting in the County’s “AAA” financial rating, which should not be entrusted to someone with a record of bouncing checks and filing bankruptcies. Federal has demonstrated leadership on public safety issues including gang violence reduction. And I am inspired by the infrastructure projects Federal has advanced that will have a profound impact on our City, as well as the Northern Waterfront Initiative.

For these reasons and many more, please join me in voting for Federal Glover for District 5 Supervisor.

Lara DeLaney

Martinez City Councilmember 2002-present

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  1. Bill Schilz says:

    I too live in Martinez and I have a completely different opinion of Supervisor Glover. First and foremost, he has shown financial mismanagement in the Keller Canyon Mitigation Fund (KCMF) wherein there have been public accusations of ethical misbehavior and/or misrepresentation, charges of nepotism and cronyism, and allegations of long-term County mismanagement of a mitigation fund. The Grand Jury and the Contra Costa County Auditor-Controller cited Supervisor Glover having spent $634,372 without having first gotten approval from the entire Board of Supervisors.The Auditor’s report went on to say “it was determined that the “internal control environment of the KCMF is seriously deficient” and that because of this there is “a possibility of fraud and abuse”.

    Just recently, two independent expenditure committees comprised of close friends (Syl Garaventa and Mark Hall, of the Supervisor who gave over $200,000, began an onslaught of “hit piece”, slimy, negative mailers against the Supervisor’s opponent, Anamarie Avila Farias. The mailers forced two of the Martinez City Council to come out at a Council meeting and denounce the mailers as being false and indicating they had never given approval to use their names or pictures in the mailer. State Assemblymember Tony Thurmond resorted to sending out a press release stating firmly that he has never given an endorsement of either candidate in spite of the Glover mailer saying Mr. Thurmond endorsed Glover along with a picture of the Assemblyman.

    Then let’s talk about Mr. Glover giving a “Get out of jail free card” to a dangerous repeat criminal from Pittsburg who went on a violent crime spree across Martinez. He was arrested and held on $740,000 bail. With his previous convictions, the Defendant was judged to be a danger to society that cops and prosecutors work hard to keep off the streets. But Supervisor Federal Glover of Contra Costa disagrees. Supervisor Glover gave the Defendant a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to play in court.

    Glover’s letter with the ink barely dry on the arrest report, using official letterhead from his County office, Supervisor Glover wrote a letter of support asking for leniency for the Defendant from the Prosecutors and Court. Federal Glover is the boss of the DA and Prosecutors. He approves their budgets and grants them raises. And the District Attorney Mark Peterson and the Prosecutor’s Association have both endorsed Mr. Glover for his re-election. This cozy circle of political back scratching may lead to a dangerous criminal put back on the streets to harm more civilians and put more cops in the line of fire.The Defendant’s lawyer and the County Prosecutor are negotiating plea deals at this time. The letter from Glover could help put a violent criminal back on the streets sooner than he deserves. The results of the plea dealings are scheduled for court on November 9th. Conveniently one day after the election.

    I could go on, but I think you may be getting the gist of why this person with 16 years on the Board of Supervisors deserves not to be re-elected. NOW is the time for change… fresh ideas, a person who will LISTEN to the residents of District 5 and won’t be beholden to big money interests. On November 8th, I’ll be voting for Anamarie Avila Farias!

  2. Michele Colbert says:

    I’m an employee of CCC and have been for a little over 18 years now. I am also a Martinez resident since 1995. I will NEVER vote for Federal Glover. He has lied to me on two occasions. Both times he, & the other BOS, told me as a county employee that there was no money for a raise. Both times he, & the other BOS, turned around and gave themselves raises. They wanted their pay to be equivalent to the surrounding counties. Well I would like that too. As a county employee I have been forced to take mandatory furlough days, take minuscule raises, pay outrages cost for my health coverage all while the cost of living keeps rising. I make less money now than I did in 2008. Additionally, I, as a social worker work with subpar services for the clients I serve because the BOS have cut funding to critical services. CCC cannot recruit and retain employees because the pay and benefits are not competitive. There is currently a mass exodus of workers from CCC. The Director of Children & Family Services just gave her notice. She is going to another county. The current climate in CCC is the fault of the BOS and Federal Glover is one of them. It is time for change. It is time for him to go. He has no integrity and is a liar. I will be casting my vote for Anamarie Avila-Farias. She has proven herself to be a strong, hardworking woman with integrity. #Fedup

  3. Frank Aiello says:

    The Councilwoman from Martinez has blinders on or better yet what were you promised for your endorsement?
    I have sat side by side with Supervisor Glover and he will do anything and throw anybody under the bus to win.
    He did not get 1.8 billion in transportation dollars they were doled out by the Metrapolitan Transportation Committee.
    Keller Canyin funds have been abused for 16 years without a penny going to the neighborhood most affected.
    He sold out his hometown to move business to the east and cost Pittsburg needed tax dollars. The only thing his entire team campaigns on is mudslinging proving that even they know Federals record well there is no record to be proud of.

  4. Frank Aiello says:

    The Martinez Councilwoman has blinders on or she was promised something in return for her endorsement. That’s how Federal Glover works. I sat side by side with him and either your for him or against him. It’s never about the people it’s always about Federal. That’s why in 16 years in office all he has done is erode the tax base in his hometown by sending business east along the bypass. But what has he done? His own campaign can’t figure it out so they throw mud hoping it will stick. Now you bring in big money from outside the state Mr. Hall what was he promised for his $$$$$. Do I even need to say anything about Keller Canyon Mitigation funds being spent everywhere but where it’s needed which is right next to the landfill. To date in 16 years not 1 penny.
    With that said Federal Times Up.

  5. Cheryll Grover says:

    1000 clerical employees will also not be voting for Supervisor Glover. We have been ignored for any wage increase that would help us keep pace with the cost of living and bring parity to other counties for over ten years. We too are making less than we made in 2008 and relief to healthcare costs was made with teamsters but no other group. Is it any wonder teamsters, and DA’s are supporting Glover? I asked a teamster friend why, and he said, “just trust me…we have a plan”, and asked us to go along with thier support of a man who has used his office position to “feather his own pockets”, slept through board meeting and our presentations before the board, and then voted against us, and in personal meetings with him, would make no statement of support for clerks that are on the front lines of abuse and violence from county clients. We have to fight just to get safety glass where needed, and then the county pours on new programs, procedures, laws and regulations, and screening for eligibility responsibilities. Who is face to face first with angry “county clients”? Guess. But the buddy buddy system of friends and intimidation is too transparent in these hit pieces and supposed endorsers. Martinez city council has a 30 year entrenchment in those politics and I for one know better than to “buy” the endorsement of entrenched elected officials over hard working families who are still looking for some similance of returning to the economy in return for their continued yards work and dedication to populations who we are trying to serve. Voters awake Up!

  6. Cheryll Grover says:

    “Continued hard work and dedication” and Michelle and Bill, we are with you. #fedup!

  7. John H. Lohnes says:

    As a resident of Martinez and an active observer of the political scene in our County, I find Ms. DeLaney’s sudden endorsement of Mr. Glover over Ms. Avila Farias quite curious. Ms. DeLaney and Ms. Avila Farias have had a good working relationship on the Martinez City Council, and Ms. Avila Farias has been an active supporter of Ms. DeLaney in her past campaigns.

    When I see sudden changes such as Ms. DeLaney’s, I must fall back on the old adage of “follow the money” in trying to comprehend such an inexplicable reversal. Considering that Mr. Glover has had to resort to underhanded “hit pieces” funded by his well heeled cronies, and unsubstantiated lies, innuendo, and unwarranted character assassination of Ms. Avilas Farias, one can only conclude that Ms. Delaney’s letter of endorsement is suspect at the very least.

    Ms. Avila Farias has proven her leadership ability and ability to provide all the citizens of the Fifth District of Contra Costa County with forward thinking and new, fresh ideas that will benefit all of us. I for one will be voting for the future of my neighbors, my community, and my County by casting my vote for Anamarie Avila Farias on November 8th.

  8. Lara Delaney people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Shame on you and your ridiculous post. In case East County readers missed it – here you go.

    Yes, smear campaign nothing but LIES generated by Federal Glover Supporters and myth busted by our Martinez/ Hercules residents before the Martinez & Hercules City Council on Oct. 19 & 24th when 4 elected officials publicly recant. Including Assembly member Tony Thurmond

    Lara don’t insult the VOTER’s intelligence. We are in the age of accessing information is minutes. That being said, I don’t care about people’s personal life especially when people like you try use to create falsehoods in smear campaign. In case you forgot or suffer from short-term memory loss. Here is a fresher for you the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis – yeah remember that? EVERYONE was victim to that crash which was fueled by corporate greed that ultimately impacted millions of middle-class hard working Americans. Corporate American got a bail out, but not the middle-class. Most cases of bankruptcy aren’t caused by reckless spending, but by financial hardship due to job lose or unexpected forces i.e divorce, medical bills. Millions of people in the USA and right here in our backyard (Contra Costa County) lost their jobs, homes and savings to survive the great recession.

    It’s offensive and disgusting that you would even bring that up as an issue to disparage someone’s candidacy especially when you know its false statement. Btw, if you’re going to LIE you should at least know that you can’t file 2 bankruptcies in within 5 years. You should read up on bankruptcy law, if you’re going to use that one for a smear campaign

    This American and we can we can support whomever we want. However, disparaging other people candidacy with LIES is simply unethical. You are 16-yr. entrenched incumbent yourself with little to show for service in Martinez. The union family can’t wait for the 2018 election cycle– so enjoy your final 2 years.

    East County peeps this is not our best, please forgive Lara Delaney disgusting outburst. Anamarie Avila Farias, a 3 generation County resident and our Martinez hometown girl. She is a reflection of our best and we are proud to see her take on this entrenched political machine. It’s time for change and a new vision in this County. She will represent ALL of the County well and she is backed by our beloved firefighters, Deputy Sheriffs of Co Co County and Antioch, Martinez, Pinole and Hercules Police officers Association. Let’s vote for change Nov 8th.

  9. Kevin Murray says:

    Anamarie has been a heroic whistle blower on the Martinez City Council, and has tactfully exposed malfeasance and poor choices within the City infrastructure. You have to break some eggs to make omelets and shake the tree to get the fruit. A government leadership team is not a tea party, where people always play-nice and make feel-good. Sometimes new leaders need to challenge the old ways and ask uncomfortable questions. Don’t shoot the messenger! Embrace the truth even when it hurts.

    Lara is also an excellent local leader, but styles have clashed, and more over form than substance. Much upon which they disagree is timing for change and some issues are actually outside of the effective purview of the Council, centered around inevitable acquiescence to California State mandates. Yes, we can make a firm stand against de facto edicts from Sacramento, or we can find a practical middle ground – lemonade from the bitter lemons.

    Anamarie offers a great blend of pragmatism and vision. She is brilliant with a laser-like ability to get to the core of issues. She is also willing to listen to opinions and openly discuss ideas. Both she and Lara have been very helpful to us in working on community projects, and when I stand back to a wider vantage point, I see more similarities than differences between these fine ladies.

    I have also dug into the backstory of Supervisor Glover’s record and claims. I live in unincorporated Martinez and I’m appalled by the lack of police services and dismal public works efforts. I see that areas outside of District 5 get far more attention. I am also disappointed by Mr. Glover’s boastful claims, taking credit for the work of others and bragging about projects over which he has had little influence. Over half of his claim of transportation funding is for projects like BART and the Caldecott Tunnel which were planned 50 years ago, and where funding is from the national and state levels. And he is even far enough out of touch to brag about the dangerous and ineffective 680/4 interchange, a dismal failure of epic proportions.

    Anamarie has been willing to stand up to local power-structures with deep pockets, and these people are funding a smear campaign and influencing other local leaders with shallow promises. Please don’t be mislead. I invite everybody to get to know the real Anamarie, and vote for her as our better future!

  10. Dan Richards says:

    Wow, more lies from Farias and her bully crew. Republic has spent $300,000 on Farias, the sheriff’s have spent $70,000. Guess who’s gonna want paybacks? Farias is bought and paid for

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