Former Assemblywoman writes in support of Gibson-Gray, Motts for School Board

Dear Editor:

Public education is my passion.  I’ve had the privilege of serving on a local school board and as chair of the State Assembly Education Committee.  I’ve worked with leaders from throughout the state and visited schools in many districts.  I’m honored to support Diane Gibson-Gray and Joy Motts for Antioch School Board.  I believe they have the knowledge, skill, and leadership qualities to continue to move Antioch schools forward.

They are two active women with deep roots in the community, having lived in Antioch for many years and graduated from Antioch High School, as did their children.  Joy’s daughter is now a well-respected teacher at Antioch High School.  Both care deeply about our children and understand the profound impact a quality education has on their lives.

Diane and Joy also understand the need to work with the entire education family – students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community leaders – to build strong schools.  They know that the focus has to be the students in the classrooms and programs that support learning.  They know that the quality of life and economic growth of the city also depends on the success of our schools.

Antioch schools, despite challenges, are moving forward in the right direction.  Antioch High is the first comprehensive high school with wall to wall academies. I have witnessed the success of its academies and talked to many very articulate, engaged high school students.  These students are very impressive, as impressive as any I’ve seen throughout the state.  I also witnessed the in-house program started by the principal to ensure all students complete their college applications and financial reporting requirements, eliminating a significant barrier to admission for many students. Dozier Libbey Medical High School was AUSD’s first full-site academy. Deer Valley High School now has four academy choices.

Progress does not happen by accident.  It happens through strong leadership.  It happens with leaders like Diane Gibson-Gray and Joy Motts.  I urge you to vote for Diane and Joy on November 8th.

Joan Buchanan


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