Math program director writes in support of Navarro, Sawyer-White, Terry for Antioch School Board

Dear Editor:

Nothing has a greater impact on the quality of life in a community than the quality of the schools.  As a former Real Estate Agent, I can attest that the performance of the local schools is the number one priority of young families when they are looking to purchase a home.  This is only one of many reasons that our local school board election is vitally important.

In the current election, we are presented with a very clear choice.

On the one hand, we have four candidates who are running to be ‘cheerleaders’ for the school district…despite the horrendous outcomes.  State test results show that thousands of students in the Antioch Unified system can’t read at grade level, don’t achieve basic proficiency in math, and haven’t passed the fifteen courses required to enter a California State College or University upon graduation.  These candidates, and their supporters, are suggesting everything will be fine if we only say good things about the schools, stand behind the Superintendent regardless of outcomes, and, of course, give them more of our tax dollars.

The other three candidates, Fernando Navarro, Crystal Sawyer-White, and Alonzo Terry, have a real plan to turn things around.  In their joint opinion piece posted online with the Antioch Herald (see:, they detail how they’ll improve literacy and math skills, create a college-bound culture, and advocate for transparency and honesty in discussing the problems in the district…so that we can, together, come to viable solutions.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for these three candidates, Navarro, Sawyer-White, and Terry, who will bring about the much-needed course change to put Antioch schools on the right path.

John Crowder

Director, Math Intensive


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