Somersville Towne Center gives big to Ogorchock, Wright in Antioch Mayor’s race

By Allen Payton

Both Antioch Mayor Pro Tem Lori Ogorchock and Dr. Sean Wright each received a check for $4,500 from the owner of the Somersville Towne Center, this week, to support their campaigns for Mayor, according to form 497 financial disclosure reports submitted to the Antioch City Clerk’s Office. (See reports, below)

The only indoor mall in East County, Somersville Towne Center is located on Somersville Road in Antioch and includes major tenants such as Macy’s, Sears and Fallas department stores, as well as a variety of other retail stores and a few restaurants. It was purchased by Time Equities, LLC of New York, last year.

The owners and management staff are working to improve the mall in the areas of lighting, safety and more tenants for a greater shopping experience for customers.

“I had a nice conversation with the owners back in New York,” Wright stated when asked for comment. “They asked a variety of questions about our community, police and crime. They stressed how they want to be a partner with the City and to revitalize that part of town.”

“The Somersville Towne Center cares about Antioch and improving the safety of the mall and the town,” he continued. “I am proud to be seen as a leader they support to bring about a safer community.”

When reached for comment, Ogorchock said, “I’m very excited that the Somersville Towne Center reached out to me to get my vision and my views for the City of Antioch and the mall. I’m excited to be working with them and was very honored and shocked to receive their contribution, I’m looking forward to working them for their future success.”

For more information about Somersville Towne Center, visit

Both candidates are the remaining challengers running to unseat incumbent Mayor Wade Harper who is seeking re-election to a second term. The other candidate whose name will still appear on the ballot, Gil Murillo, suspended his campaign, recently and threw his support to Wright and has asked his supporters to vote for him, instead. The election is Tuesday, November 8th.



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2 Comments to “Somersville Towne Center gives big to Ogorchock, Wright in Antioch Mayor’s race”

  1. XXX says:

    Please, please do something about all of the crime, homelessness and blight. We cannot even go out at night and it has all to do with the scum that moved here during the downturn. Their communities got too expensive and they came out here and brought their brand of mayhem and uncivil disregard. Something has to give.

  2. Karl dietzel says:

    Hello xxx

    I am one of the candidates who is running for a council seat, this is my
    Second time. I am not running to make friends, team up with other candidates,
    I am not running to paint pretty pictures, or get carried away
    With pipe dreams . I have no endorsements, and I am not connected to anybody
    I have not taken a dime. Most important , I am not running to make friends.
    I am simply running because I want our quality of life back, I want to live in a save
    City and in a clean city. I ask for accountability, transperancy , fiscal responsibility,
    Reasonable economic grows , but all that. Step by step.
    Whatever our dreams are, we need to fix our crime and blight first. Period

    First : our city manager needs to be put on notice to come up with a reasonable plan
    To fix our city, and if he ford not, he needs to be fired at all cost. Antioch can’t afford it any longer,
    We need a city manager who can take care of business . Right now we’re seeing a lot of signs ,
    And out of town money trying to take control of our city.

    I urge everybody to look behind the smoke and mirrors, and do not vote
    For friends, family members, or even the same old incumbents.

    Vote for
    Karl Dietzel for City Council of Antioch
    Nov. 2016, Election

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