Turnage writes in support of Wright for Mayor, also wants to serve with Ogorchock for change in Antioch


We are now three weeks away from our election. The grumblings throughout the city continue “Antioch needs change, Antioch needs a new direction.” This is something I also believe in whole heartedly, that is why I am running for City Council. The question is how many of us actually know what needs to be done to get a “new direction”?

The answer is clear: three votes on the City Council and the thought process can change. The question is which three votes best fits our City. If you are happy and content with the direction of our City then the voting process is simple for you, pick the three incumbents and call it a day. If you are not happy well then it becomes a little trickier. I am a candidate so I am not writing this as a “vote for me” letter to the editor. I am writing the following to hopefully clear up some of the muddy water of what is about to happen in this election as a citizen.

We have a Mayor race for one seat and a Council race that has two seats open for election. If you subscribe to the idea that change is needed, then many of you (us, we and even me) thinks that Lori Ogorchock is doing a good job and can be a part of that change.  Lori is already there with her vote in place, an equal vote to that of the Mayor. In our City, as a General Law City a Council Member and the Mayor have basically the same authority with the exception of a couple items. The Mayor runs the meeting, also the Mayor appoints for commissions and then the Council approves them in a vote.

So in my point of view if you want change, and you want to get to the new count of three votes then it becomes much simpler to get to if Sean Wright is voted in for Mayor. That would give two votes towards the change and only needing one non-incumbent to win a Council seat. Beating an incumbent is hard, beating two is harder.  Please do not think that I am slamming Lori in any way, I think Lori is a good Councilmember and I do think she would make a good Mayor. For me it is what is best for Antioch. For me it is for a change in our majority vote, and I believe that is what many of our citizens are wanting, a change in direction.

If Sean and Lori split the votes too much Wade Harper will be re-elected. Over the past couple years I have been able to get to know the man, Wade Harper, as a person. I like him. I would be proud to have him as my neighbor. As our Mayor I think we can do better in leadership for our City. This is nothing personal just, my opinion on what is best for our citizens.

There is still one more side to this coin, If Lori is to win then, her seat becomes one up for appointment. Not the third place vote-getter in the Council race. So, if Lori wins and one incumbent wins in the Council race (it is hard to beat an incumbent) then we are at a stalemate of 2-2 on the vote for who gets appointed. This can be very difficult to deal with and could leave us once again without change in our City.

We are three weeks away; many of us have our mail-in ballots. We have to ask do we really want to have change? If so what is the best way to make this happen? By using the power of our votes. I am voting for Sean Wright, that way I can have Lori Ogorchock and Sean both which makes this City two steps closer to the change we all want to see.

Kenny Turnage, II

Candidate for City Council


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  1. Terry Ramus says:

    Ken makes a very good, logical argument to actually effect change in Antioch. I agree with it and I have also been making this same point on how to “get to 3” for almost a year now (so it is also obvious!). Ken(Council), Lori(Council) and Sean(Mayor) would actually allow real change to happen. In this case, I suspect that some of the remaining Council members would also join in on many of the changes — but we need “3” to start the change train down the tracks. I also believe that Lamar would be an excellent member of this change team and he will receive my vote also. For me, this question is about “getting to 3” leaders for change in our City without concern for personal egos. The Citizens need to be heard and respected again. Ken also makes another very important point. Many of the candidates are nice people who are involved in positive things and that is great. They all have my respect for that part of their contribution. However, the question is how to actually get “3 for change”, not just talk about it or end up one short of “3”. The alternative plan to appoint the third vote for change after the election has never materialized in the past due to special interest. Change can only come from the VOTERS voting for “3 for change” during the election as many people actually suggest.

  2. Julio says:

    We are in agreement completely with Terry and Kenny. Any other vote will split the vote and get Harper elected again. Agopian and Freitas split the vote and that is the only way Harper was elected. WE have to get real folks. If Lori were elected Mayor we would have to fill her seat and the council would get to pick their own candidate. That is how we got Martha Parsons and Tony Tiscarino. Both terrible mistakes. We have to keep Lori on the council this year as a council member not mayor.

  3. Linda Soliven says:

    This commentary is by far the most sensible discussion regarding the “HOW” to get change happening by actually changing the leadership that has locked Antioch in years of the “same old, same old”.

    Hopefully, residents will read Kenny Turnage II’s comments.

    However, this is another tragedy in Antioch-the lack of publications and discourse. We are told how well everything is going by those doing it. Fact may be more time is spent on this tedium than actually doing anything worthwhile by really finding out how upset the constituency is in Antioch.

    Then there are the excuses….

    Is there a real possibility for change??? I’m doing my part

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