Writer, Antioch business owner, explains reasons he supports Wright for Mayor


On Thursday June 23, 2016 I attended an event at the Antioch Senior Center. Upon arrival, I was

approached by one of the mayoral candidates and was asked to support them. Unbeknownst to this person, I had decided to support a different candidate earlier in the month – Sean Wright.

I explained that I had worked closely with Sean for six years. That his experience, and leadership were desperately needed by the Antioch community. I also shared that I would be willing to listen, and with an open mind, to anything this candidate wanted to share.

Their reply? “That’s ok. You don’t live here. Your vote doesn’t matter.”

They were right – I don’t live in Antioch, and therefore cannot vote in the local election. I do, however, own a business in Antioch, and have for quite some time. I donate countless hours in the community, and thousands of dollars annually to our schools, service clubs, foster youth, and homeless outreach, among other programs. I have nearly 3,000 clients of whom two thirds are Antioch residents. So, while my personal vote doesn’t “count” I don’t believe the candidate’s reply was fair or accurate.

Sean Wright, on the other hand, has been supportive of my business since the day we met. He doesn’t care that I don’t live in Antioch. He sees the potential that I could one day move here. He

recognizes the economic impact my business has on the Antioch community. Sean is not concerned about my vote, he’s concerned about my business, and all other regional businesses. He recognizes the economic impact a business in the region can have on the residents of Antioch. He cares that my business employs Antioch residents, that my business shops locally – almost exclusively – and that my business gives back to the Antioch community. It’s called vision, and of the three mayoral candidates, Sean Wright is the only one that has one.

Richard Pagano

Antioch Small Business Owner

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  1. Julio says:

    “Your vote doesn’t matter”. The candidate can almost be identified by the stupid statement. How many hundreds of people could you influence in a day? That is what he should have thought about. As a businessman you could influence the election more than a resident working out of town all day. My goodness, the intelligence of some people overwhelms me sometimes. He won’t be reelected thank heaven.

  2. Terry Ramus says:

    Antioch needs help from everyone who lives, works, plays or visits Antioch. Excellent points in the article. I also support Sean Wright for Mayor due to his broad view of Antioch and his willingness to listen to all people who live, work, etc, in Antioch.

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