State Voter Information Guides in process of being mailed

By Allen Payton

Some voters, including this writer, are wondering why we don’t have our copy of the State Voter Information Guide, yet, since absentee ballots are being mailed, beginning this week, and we already have a copy of the county voter information guide. (Yes, I know that was a run-on sentence. So, apologies to my high school English teacher, Jo Fyfe).

According to the California Secretary of State’s Elections Division, mailing of the State Voter Information Guides started on September 29th and ends on October 18th.

The Secretary of State’s office mails the state guides to voters who are registered before the 60-day cut off. After that the counties mail them out.

If you don’t receive one by October 18th, call 1-800-345-VOTE to get a hard copy mailed to you. In the meantime, you can read or listen to the information in the guide online at


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