Murillo suspends campaign for Antioch Mayor, endorses Wright

Gil Murillo

Gil Murillo

Gil Murillo, candidate for Mayor announced today he is suspending his campaign and will be supporting Dr. Sean Wright.

“After reviewing recent online poll numbers, I see that all candidates are in a tight position to win. It is important for Antioch to have a new voice in City Hall,” Murillo stated in a press release, Wednesday morning. “I would hate to see the community robbed of their voice due to votes being divided. We saw this happen in 2012 and it should not be repeated in 2016.”

Sean and I have sat down and discussed the differences in our platforms,” he continued. “We align in many areas and he ensures me he will:

  • Develop a jobs program to bring well-paying jobs to Antioch
  • Form a committee to bring county, city, police, social services and schools together on issues that impact our youth
  • Ensure community services (e.g. fire, schools, police, city services) are fully funded before new planning (e.g. rezoning) or development starts
  • Enhance downtown Antioch with positive family theme events
  • Support Charter School program that provides Antioch families with options
  • Creative solutions to address the homeless challenge
  • Engage adjoining cities for a joint vision of tomorrow
Dr. Sean Wright

Dr. Sean Wright

“It is important for Antioch to have a leader that understands business and can have a realistic outlook for tomorrow. I plan to be available to Sean and support him in his quest to make Antioch a safer and more productive city.

I encourage those that support me to support and vote Sean Wright for mayor of Antioch. I appreciate everyone’s support during this time and the friends and relations I have made over the months I will hold close to heart. I plan to continue in supporting the community through other channels. Thank you and God Bless.”

“I appreciate Gil’s support and look forward to working with him to make our vision for Antioch a reality,” Wright said, when reached for comment. “He and I see a lot of things alike.”

No deal was cut regarding appointing Gil to any commission if Wright is elected. Only the issues that they agreed upon, he explained.

The election is November 8th and voting begins this week as absentee ballots were mailed to voters on Tuesday.

2 Comments to “Murillo suspends campaign for Antioch Mayor, endorses Wright”

  1. Glen Jones says:

    Honorable move, Mr Murillo.

  2. Keith Larsen says:

    It takes a lot of courage and humility to step down and make a sacrifice like this for the greater good. I am truly inspired by your example of civic duty. A great example of Gil’s commitment to his Catholic faith. God bless you and your family Gil.

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