Former Antioch School Board Member Cowan writes in support of Motts


I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Joy Motts, candidate for the Antioch School Board. Antioch is so fortunate to have a candidate of her caliber, dedication, and profound knowledge and ability to lead the District in a positive direction. Ms. Motts, as a former School Board member, was instrumental in implementing the hugely successful secondary academies and linked learning. She was present and supported so many of each school’s activities, events, administrative and staff endeavors.

More importantly and because of the present Board’s apparent ineptitude, once elected she will provide the strong and equitable leadership that will restore trust in the Board. Administrative and instructional staff trust her and believe in her.

I urge you to vote for Joy Motts. She is the only hope to establish a positive and effective alliance with all key personnel in the Antioch School District and will lead the District to the success that Antioch children deserve.

Barbara Cowan, Former Antioch School Board Member


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  1. ipsos Maximus says:

    The irony of ironies. You know what..ill give Mrs Cowan credit. If she hadn’t abandoned her post. We would have never gotten a citizen and parent candidate like Mr Navarro. And if her definition of ineptitude means having courageous oversight and blocking out of control spending…then God bless her
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    You know we currently have a board that reflects the diversity of the school district…but according to the boycott four …Motts Hack Gibson-gray and Burkholder …seem to have a collective different vision of what the power base should be.

    So you go ahead Barbara and hitch your horse to that cart.

  2. XXX says:

    I like that – by default a broken clock is right twice a day. Very deep.
    This town is in a deep, deep hole. Bless the cops who are trying to sort out the likes of people that have moved here and we inherited. They luckily came to my neighborhood too and I got to see it first hand. If you told me the stories of what I witnessed (until I finally was able to get them to move on) I would not have believed it. Total disregard for themselves, the neighborhood, the community and the law in general. Just amazed me. Right in my face. I ask people who have moved on (to other states and towns), “how is it living without the fear of looking over your shoulder or wondering what you’ll come home to”, That is called peace of mind – we, in Antioch, don’t know what that is. Unimaginable.

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