On police officers, protests, hate crime and America’s real enemy

The Way I See It - Lou logoBy Lou Davis

For as many years as I can remember, I’ve always been a strong advocate of giving praise to groups of special people, and individuals in our society who help to keep us safe, and enable us to live in freedom..

Unlike too many people nowadays, who claim that police officers are searching for black men to kill, I see this as a two-sided dilemma. If fewer crimes are committed, fewer police officers would be needed to go into the hood to check out complaints. Also, if more parents, school teachers and college instructors  are available to teach younger people how to stay out of trouble, and how to respect authorities there will not be as many arrests and shootings.

And why does Kaepernick and other multimillion dollar NFL players show outward disrespect for the Flag and National Anthem that our military forces have fought and died to preserve?   Now this unhealthy movement is even taking hold in our high schools.  You have to wonder if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is proud of the fact that he’s allowing Colin Kaepernick to dictate policy for the League he should be running?

As for myself, I proudly served this country for 20 years, including wartime service in Vietnam, along with millions of other veterans.  Now, we must stand by and personally be insulted by these young, wayward football-playing millionaires.  They obviously did not learn enough in school, nor in college to understand like real adults, what national pride is all about.

These ill-advised protesters should also realize that every time they take to the streets  and occupy public places to air their grievances, they also broaden the potential of a worsening race and class warfare in our country.

The enemy from outside our country; ISIS and other terrorists take advantage of a breaking down of forces inside America to launch more effective attacks on all of us.  It should be enough that our so-called “leaders” in Washington are willfully diminishing our fighting forces, and inviting even more potential terrorists to unlawfully enter our country.  And, Hillary Clinton is planning to invite 500 percent more “refugees” into the country than President Obama has done already.

I’m happy to congratulate law enforcement people in Antioch and other parts of Contra Costa County who, working together arrested two hate criminals who recently tried to burn down the home of a nonwhite family.  These criminals could have been planning to commit this arson for a number of sick reasons, or they could have been incited to take revenge on people of another color, as part of their own undeclared race-hate war.

Whatever the reason, I say, to law enforcement who arrested those responsible people, and all other  brave crime fighters – Thanks for your service!

In November, there are three dates which we should all be aware of:  On November 8th, be sure to vote, for someone, who will help transform this country into one we can continue to be very proud of. On November 11th, lets remember to say thanks to our veterans for helping to keep our country free.

And, on Thanksgiving Day, whether you eat turkey or not, take time to thank God that we live in the greatest country in the world, and let’s ask our Creator to help us do all we can to keep it that way.

4 Comments to “On police officers, protests, hate crime and America’s real enemy”

  1. RJB says:

    This article not only humbled and educated me, but also brought a tear. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Seemingly says:

    Thank you for your observation, insight and service. This country is going downhill fast due to one problem. Parenting. Our values have been erased. The family as we knew it dissolved. There is disregard for laws. There is disregard for one another. This begins at home at a young age. There are parents not teaching respect. Therefore they have no respect for themselves, others or authority. All lives matter. They, first, need to matter to each other. Build up the communities you live in. Don’t tear down. Show your children by example not disregard.

  3. Jeff says:

    Thank you for your service Lou Davis! Thank you too for this article and for your Twitter comments. I appreciate it and agree with everything you say. I’m proud of you for taking a stand against those who wish to take this country hostage. From the White House down. I hope to meet you someday.

  4. Nancy Fernandez says:

    Mr. Davis thank you for your service and your thoughts. We too are rather appalled by the activities going on in the sports arena and condoned by those that should be pulling on the reigns of these demonstrators. Maybe it is our age but we are very discouraged by what is going on everywhere in our country on both sides of the street. We have cut off professional football and more teams/games will be added to the list. We can read books instead. “Seemingly” once again very good post and very accurate. Thank you both.

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