New parents’ group to hold forum for Antioch School Board candidates, Tuesday, Sept. 27



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5 Comments to “New parents’ group to hold forum for Antioch School Board candidates, Tuesday, Sept. 27”

  1. ipsos Maximus says:

    So will the ‘apple dumpling 4’ gang. Show up for this one????

    OH wait. Yes they will.. because its friendly territory… bias as far as the eye can see.


  2. Rjb says:

    Seems like the cowards are following the mayor’s lead on “the art of chickening out”. Good one. Only go to events and answer questions that will only benefit yourselves. Then say it’s your American right, like what the mayor did.

    This town is full of clowns, like a little kid’s backyard clown and donkey show. No one has the balls to call out the incompetence of the city leaders and ask/answer the tough questions, except for a lonely few.

    So sad.

  3. Karl dietzel says:

    I can’t go that date. My idea was to meet/ mingle and ask
    Questions at the last round table .
    As a voter o will boycott that round table

  4. This is getting silly. As candidates for any local office, I thought we were supposed to bring Citizens together. Not Push them apart. Any forum made available should be used. If the questions are too hard or unfair, just decline to answer. Just because you do not like someone’s tactics or intent is not a reason to boycott an event. In fact, it is the exact reason you attend. To voice your views and represent your opinions. There are more important issues that this City has to address than who is pointing fingers at who. Win or loose we all need to play the game if we really care.

  5. Nancy Fernandez says:

    This is by far the most embarrassing election year I have seen in my 70 some odd years. I thought it was bad a couple of years ago when a felon was allowed to run but this takes the cake. All, every single one of you so called adults and dedicated people, should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the most self centered group of people I have ever seen and care nothing for our community or you wouldn’t be acting this way. Grow up and look in the mirror. You won’t like what you see.

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