Antioch Police Officers Association endorses incumbents for mayor, council, Burkholder for school board

By Allen Payton

The Antioch Police Officers Association (APOA) announced via their Facebook page on Sunday, September 18, their endorsements for Antioch Mayor, City Council and School Board.

The statement reads:

“The Antioch Police Officer’s Association held a canidates [sic] night and invited all of the candidates running for Antioch Mayor and Antioch city council. Those who participated engaged with members of the APOA board in a Q&A type forum regarding; Public Safety, Economic growth, and a homeless resolution for our city.

The APOA has elected to support the following canidates,

Wade Harper (Mayor )

Monica Wilson (Council )

Mary Rocha (Council )

Additionally the APOA was contacted by Mike Burkholder regarding an open seat for Antioch School Board. The APOA has also decided to support Burkholder for Antioch School Board.

The APOA feels these incumbents can continue to address the serious issues which face the city of Antioch and with their hard work will make the city of Antioch safer.

Will Dee

Antioch Police Officer’s Association


When asked which candidates the APOA interviewed for mayor and city council, Dee provided a list via email, of all four candidates for mayor, and five of the six candidates for city council, excluding Karl Dietzel.

In a comment on his campaign’s Facebook page on Sunday night, September 18, Dietzel wrote “…I was not contacted / invited to that round table.”

Asked which candidates for school board the APOA had interviewed, Dee responded via email, “Just Mike Burkholder.”

In a post on his personal Facebook page on Sunday night, Burkholder wrote, “I am truly honored to be supported by the men and women of the Antioch Police Officers Association!”

One more email was sent to Dee, but not until Wednesday evening, asking why did you just interview Burkholder and not the other candidates? And will you be endorsing for the other two seats?

In response via email, Sgt. Dee wrote, “Generally we do not get involved in the school races however Mike was the only candidate who approached the POA for an endorsement. Also we have had a long standing relationship with Mike and have sat down with him on numerous occasions regarding this race and shared ideas.”

14 Comments to “Antioch Police Officers Association endorses incumbents for mayor, council, Burkholder for school board”

  1. karl dietzel says:

    just for the record:

    I was not invited/ or contacted for that event by the APOA

    Karl Dietzel for Antioch City Council
    Nov. 2016 Election

    • Fernando Navarro says:

      That makes two of us brother.

      Dear sirs of the APOA, if I dare to speak for my fellow citizen candidates, please re-open the interviews so we too can prove our worth.

      • karl dietzel says:

        well Fernando,

        the “powers” of Antioch starting to pull, election time is just around the corner, looking at the APOA endorsements for Antioch, all incumbents, shows clearly to me, status quo is wanted.

        but hey, it makes me feel good, to get that much attention, because, now I like to think that I have a real chance in nov. to get elected.

        don’t vote for the same people over and over and expect different results.

        Karl Dietzel for City Council of Antioch
        Nov. 2016, Election

      • Dave Miller says:

        This State Assembly candidate who has the support of a National Law Enforcement Advocacy Group, Law Enforcement Officers for Media Accountability, never got a meeting with the APOA either. And I bet if I had, I would’ve knocked their socks off…

        -Dave Miller
        State Assembly Candidate. District 11

      • Dylan Howell says:

        Mr. Navarro – If you read the article, it makes clear that there was an interview process for city council, but the endorsement for school board came only after Mike contacted the APOA seeking the endorsement. Perhaps if you reached out to them, they might consider your positions.
        That being said, I do find it odd that you would desire the endorsement of the police, but did not bother to even respond to the request sent by the 800 teachers of Antioch when they asked to interview you during their endorsement process. Perhaps their concerns and questions don’t matter to you? As the largest group of employees withing the AUSD, and as the group who work most directly with the children, I would find that extremely disheartening.

  2. RJB says:

    It’s easy to find the reason why. Just follow the money…

  3. Skip says:

    The APOA should be ashamed right now. Politics have no place in the policing of our citizens. It’s not a surprise that they would endorse their current boss especially when you consider the generous pensions and salary increases under the current regime, that allow APD officers to earn six figures per year, while a large part of the community lives below poverty. Why the APD thinks it’s appropriate to try and influence an election that directly impacts their compensation is mind boggling. This kind of lapse in judgment, only makes me wonder if the APD officer who was arrested for corruption in April, wasn’t the only one willing to betray Antioch citizens, if it helps line their pockets.

  4. Seemingly says:

    These are the same people who don’t think there is any correlation between the big pensions and health benefits given to the young City retirees (who live long lives) and all of the city’s past and current budget woes. No matter how you spin it, big dollars out cannot be sustained for very long until the bottom gives way.

  5. This week’s debate event was looking for leadership. Mr. Harper walked away and that should be alarming for the APD endorsement. This was about and for the Citizens of Antioch If he could not handle the heat then he should get out of the kitchen. Concerned and interested Citizens came out to hear Mr. Harper. Leaving the debate, the way he did was not the answer. My view is that he could have voiced his views in an editorial, open letter, or other post, but his move was to leave those who came out from their homes to hear his views. How can he expect any support if he is not willing to stand up to a few words? It’s is hard to accept that the APOA endorses someone who would walk away from a simple debate regardless of the sponsor.

  6. Nancy Fernandez says:

    I do not believe the reason Mr. Harper left candidates night in a huff is because of the Times reporting. The fact is Mr. Harper was about to receive questions from other candidates he knew would destroy him. The kitchen was about to get way too hot for him. So, he quit in true Harper form. This person does not deserve to be our mayor as you all know so please do not vote for him.

    • Nancy Fernandez says:

      I stated Times reporting and correct it to read Herald reporting. However there has never been a newspaper of any kind that doesn’t tilt a little in someone’s direction so it becomes a moot point.

  7. karl dietzel says:

    its so sad that personal egos are in the way, using the opportunity to connect and to communicate about Antioch issues with the public, eye to eye, taking direct questions. the very same public, incumbents/ candidates ask for their votes in November.?

    as a voter, incumbents/ candidates avoiding taking my questions, or are unable to layout their plan to better Antioch, are off my list.

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