Guns, drugs, stolen cars, assault, burglary, theft among Antioch Police calls, August 11-17, 2016

Following are the Antioch Police calls for service highlights as published in City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report dated August 19, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando.

Calls for Service & Arrest Data Summary:

Time Period: 08/11/16 00:00:00 – 08/17/16 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,692

Number of Case Reports: 272

Number of Arrests: 80

Felony: 36

Misdemeanor: 44

Arrests with DUI charge: 1

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·On 8/11/16 at 10:12 am an officer was on Sycamore Drive when a black Honda saw his patrol car and quickly pulled into the rear alley in the 1200 block of Sycamore Drive. The two female occupants got out and the passenger, 28 year old Nathalie Moala, fled on foot. The license plate came back clear and Moala was stopped on Sycamore Drive. Moala was found to have two warrants for her arrest. The Honda’s VIN was checked and found to be reported stolen. Officer Joannides arrived on scene and recognized the vehicle because she had seen 35 year old Dawanna Hall driving the car earlier. Hall was contacted on Manzanita Way and found to have a warrant for stolen property. Moala and Hall were sent to county jail.
  • ·On 8/11/16 at 11:00 pm a male had just arrived home from work and had parked in his driveway on Prewett Ranch Drive. As he was exiting his car, four males approached him. One of the males pointed a small revolver to his head and demanded his property. The victim gave them his phone and wallet and they fled in a nearby waiting vehicle. The victim was not injured.
  • ·On 8/12/16 at 1:46 am the Quickstop clerk on West Tregallas Road called to complain about 28 year old Shane Stange being on his property bothering customers. Stange has been told he was not welcome at this business and per his probation terms, he cannot solicit or loiter at or near any business that sells alcohol. This was Stange’s second time to be contacted for a similar complaint. The previous call was at Lone Tree Liquors. Stange was taken into custody without incident and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 8/12/16 at 10:12 am officers were dispatched to Antioch Produce on A Street for 26 year old Nathan Watson who is a transient refusing to leave the parking lot. Watson has been warned numerous times not to loiter in front of the business. Watson was arrested and transported to county on likely to continue.
  • ·On 8/12/16 at 1:40 pm Contra Loma Estates security guard called dispatch to report 23 year old Kawan Hardy trespassing on the property. The guard reported that Hardy has been warned numerous times not to be on the property and demanded that we take a citizen’s arrest. Hardy was arrested, transported to the Antioch Police Department, where he was issued a citation and released on his signed promise to appear in court.
  • ·On 8/12/16 at 10:12 pm officers were investigating a report of a man with a gun call at 1824 Cavallo Road. Officers parked their vehicles in the Romi’s parking lot and walked to 1824 Cavallo Road to investigate. An ambulance company was in the area and informed the officers that there was a male going crazy next to their patrol vehicles. Officers responded back to their vehicles to see 22 year old Taylor Wessman jumping on the roof to patrol vehicle 1236. When Wessman saw the officers approach, he stepped down onto the trunk and then down off the car. Wessman attempted to flee, however, he was taken to the ground by officers and a struggle ensued. Officers were able to eventually get Wessman into handcuffs. The roof and trunk to vehicle 1236 was caved in. The estimated damage to the patrol vehicle was approximately $1,000. Wessman was booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/13/16 at 1:35 am 40 year old Derrick Lause was seen travelling on a motorcycle southbound on Deer Valley at a speed estimated over 80MPH. A short time passed and an officer spotted Lause travelling westbound on Bluerock Drive, but lost sight of him. Turns out, Lause had turned onto Rocky Point and was spotted again when he ran the red light in excess of 60 MPH and crossed Deer Valley Road. He almost collided with an officer who was northbound Deer Valley Road. Lause’s motorcycle had a very loud exhaust and it was heard most of the time during this incident. When it could not be heard anymore, officers began an area check and located Lause attempting to pull his downed motorcycle from underneath a truck. Lause had lost control of the bike attempting a turn at high speed. Lause suffered only minor injuries, but was extremely intoxicated. The truck he hit suffered no damage, but the motorcycle was extensively damaged. Lause was taken into custody and it was learned he was currently on probation for several prior DUI’s. Lause was cleared at a hospital and later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/13/16 at 5:34 pm an officer was on routine patrol in the area of W. 7th St, when he observed 26 year old Todd Allen in front of a residence. The officer knew Allen had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. Allen was contacted and arrested without incident. Allen was transported to county jail on the warrant.
  • ·On 8/13/16 at 9:30 am officers responded to the report that 34 year old David Thomason was in the intersection of W 9th and J Streets trying to fight everyone he saw. Officers arrived on scene and Thomason was immediately uncooperative. He was also extremely intoxicated and suffering from multiple injuries from an earlier incident. Prior to this incident, Thomason had had called APD to report that he had been robbed by subjects in the neighborhood. He refused to identify any of the responsibles that were known to him or cooperate with officers. He walked inside his apartment and closed the door. This time, he decided to take matters into his own hands and ended up getting assaulted again. He was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for treatment for his facial injuries. While at the hospital he remained uncooperative to the point that medical staff sedated him. He was going to be held for an extended period and was released. As of this writing, he is still sleeping it off.
  • ·On 8/13/16 at 11:35 am an officer was providing extra patrol at Cruisers Saloon on A Street, when he saw 24 year old Thomas Costa inside the bar. The officer knew Costa to have just returned from Oregon and to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Costa was contacted inside the bar and arrested without incident. Costa was booked into county jail on the warrant.
  • ·On 8/14/16 at 11:14 am an officer conducted a traffic stop on Cavallo Road and contacted 34 year old Glenn Hopson and 30 year old Chase Yancey. The officer obtained a consent to search the vehicle. During the search officers located two pill bottles containing heroin in the front compartment of the car and tar heroin in a backpack in the trunk of the vehicle. Indicia was located linking the narcotics to both Hopson and Yancey. Both admitted having possession of the heroin. Both were cited and released in the field.
  • ·On 8/14/16 at 3:30 pm officers responded to a video alarm at Jim’s Auto Body on W. 10th Street for a subject seen inside the fenced yard of the business. Arriving officers located 33 year old Moises Sanchez inside the yard in the process of burglarizing vehicles that were there for repairs. Sanchez was arrested without incident and booked at county jail.
  • ·On 8/14/16 at 11:38 pm 39 year old Bobby Brown was causing a disturbance on San Gregorio Court and was found to have a warrant for his arrest. Brown was arrested without incident and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 8/15/16 at 2:24 pm officers were dispatched to Sylvia’s Restaurant on Lone Tree Way for the report of an unwanted guest who damaged the window by throwing a rock through it. 36 year old Trent Albright then walked across the street to an open space behind the Quick Stop on W. Tregallas and lit dry grass on fire. Witnesses observed Albright start the fire and followed him as he fled the area. Officers contacted Albright a short distance away and he was positively identified as starting the quarter acre grass fire. There were no injuries or any structures damaged. Fire Investigators arrived and assisted with the investigation. Albright was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/15/16 at 5:30 pm a 32 year old transient male took a bicycle that he said had been abandoned at Heidorn Park for a few days. The bicycle belonged to 20 year old Travon Jackson, who began looking for his bike with several other people. 38 year old Lavenia Holmes drove Jackson and three other males around the area as they looked for the bike. They located the transient and the bike near the 7-11 on Lone Tree Way. All of the subjects confronted the transient who returned the bike to Jackson and told them that an unknown person had sold him the bike. Jackson and the unknown males demanded the transient come with them in their car to help find whoever sold him the bike. The transient refused and began running away from them. Holmes drove their car in pursuit of the transient up Hillcrest Avenue. Once they caught up with him, all of the males jumped out of the car and assaulted him. The victim sustained a large laceration to his head, as well as various small cuts and abrasions to his upper body. Jackson and Holmes were located in the responsible vehicle nearby. Both were identified by the victim and placed under arrest. The other responsibles were not located.
  • ·On 8/16/16 at 2:03 am 49 year old Zolton Scott was contacted during a traffic enforcement stop on West 10th Street. A probation search of Scott’s vehicle revealed 3.3 grams of meth. Scott was issued a citation.
  • ·On 8/16/16 at 7:57 am officers contacted 53 year old Jose Sansen in the area of the Quick Stop on Sycamore Drive. A computer check showed he is on probation for drugs and is a sex registrant. Sansen had listed his address at 15 S. Lake Dr. #B over the past two years on his 290 PC registration forms. While he was being detained, Officers went to the S. Lake address to conduct a compliance check and verify his residency. The homeowner was contacted and advised he knows Sansen and knows that he is a sex registrant, but has never allowed him to live at the address. Sansen was ultimately arrested and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 8/16/16 at 12:20 pm an officer was driving through the Delta Fair Food Maxx lot when he noticed 29 year old Felipe Gonzalez standing near the Super Wine and Liquor store. The officer recognized Gonzalez and knew he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. As the officer attempted to contact Gonzalez, he fled out of the parking lot and into the Elderwinds apartment complex. A perimeter was quickly set up and Officer McDonald and his K9 conducted a track. The K9 tracked right to where Gonzalez was hiding. Gonzalez did not comply and was apprehended (bit) by the K9. Gonzalez was taken into custody without further incident. Gonzalez was medically cleared and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 8/16/16 at 2:26 pm Sears Security noticed 39 year old Steven Davenport inside Sears today and detained him as he attempted to steal approximately $124 in clothing. Davenport is on probation for theft related charges and was booked at county jail.
  • ·On 8/17/16 at 8:23 am officers were dispatched to 510 W. 10th Street because a neighbor was reporting that someone from 510 W. 10th Street was stealing water. It was determined that 510 W. 10th Street was a vacant building that 25 year old Jesse Perry and a 17 year old male were squatting in. Perry was found to have three warrants for his arrest. The 17 year old originally used his cousin’s name but was identified through fingerprints and was found to have a warrant for his arrest. The building was searched and over 70 debit/credit cards, multiple stolen checks, driver licenses, multiple laptops, cell phones, tablets, a credit card reader were located. They also located a filing cabinet stolen during a burglary in Brentwood from DDS Jeffery Haug. It was determined that Bingham and the 17 year old were involved in a large scale identity theft ring. They were both arrested on numerous fraud charges and for the warrants. Perry was sent to county jail and the 17 year old was sent to juvenile hall.
  • ·On 8/17/16 at 9:49 pm an officer attempted a car stop for a vehicle with incorrect plates on Manzanita Way. When he activated his lights the vehicle fled towards Century Blvd. The vehicle continued back into Antioch on Delta Fair and the pursuit was terminated near Gentrytown Drive due to it becoming a hazard. The vehicle had two stolen plates and was occupied by one male who is still outstanding.

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