Letter writer upset about proposed state gas tax increase


Assembly Member Jim Frazier wants to add a 17 cent per gallon tax on gas in addition to our already outrageous cost of living. He wants this tax increase to cover transportation costs. This tax would generate $7.4 billion.

Illegal aliens cost California taxpayers more than $25 billion per year. Here is a novel idea, stop supporting these illegals (in some cases they receive far more than U.S. citizens), and many problems would be solved at the same time, by the same action. Most illegals would return to their country of origin or go elsewhere. This would relieve the strain on the state budget, the strain on the water supply, the strain on the judicial system, education, jail systems to name a few.

All of these positives and more could be achieved by actually enforcing current, existing laws. By doing so, we would not need a 17 cent per gallon gas tax increase and would still have more than $17.6 billion left from the $25 billion that illegals cost California taxpayers annually.

In an honest system, we could even receive a tax cut, but I just do not see this happening. By myself, I have supported more families than I have actual family members. I, for one, am growing extremely weary of it.

We are no longer citizens or constituents, only taxpayers or dollar signs.

Steven Payne

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  1. Mary Jo Rossi says:

    First of all, we call the individuals who come here “immigrants” – not illegal aliens. Second, we all derive from immigrant families who came here, worked hard, to make a life in this great country. Third, Assemblymember Jim Frazier got elected and is working diligently to create a solution to our transportation challenges. Finally, I’m so sick of Neanderthal people like you who ignorantly complain about what’s wrong with our country without an iota of dedication to solving even the smallest of problems. Save your breath.

    • Publisher says:

      Mary Jo,
      While they are immigrants, if they’re here illegally, they’re illegal immigrants. But “illegal alien” is an acceptable term. Even the politically correct Obama Administration refers to someone who is in the U.S. illegally as an “alien.” Please see the Department of Homeland Security report from September, 2014, which states “Each year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) undertakes immigration enforcement actions involving hundreds of thousands of aliens who may be or are in violation of U.S. immigration laws. These actions include the apprehension or arrest, detention, return, and removal from the United States of aliens (see Box 1). Aliens may be removable from the United States for violations including illegally entering the United States, failing to abide by the terms and conditions of admission, or committing crimes.” https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/ois_enforcement_ar_2013.pdf
      Allen Payton, Publisher

    • Publisher says:

      Furthermore, Mary Jo, someone who is opposed to another increase in the gas tax, and a sizeable one in this case, is a “Neanderthal?” How about instead, our legislators reprioritize spending of our current tax dollars and make transportation funding a higher priority? If they did and we fixed our roads, highways and bridges and kept our transportation system running smoothly, it would help grow the economy which would reduce the number of people we’re supporting who are dependent on receiving a check from the government, and grow the amount of tax revenue to the state to help pay for it. If that’s being Neanderthal, count me in. But, you probably already have. LOL
      Allen Payton, Publisher

    • Steven Payne says:

      Mary Jo Rossi: I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed individual, so I will save my

  2. Millie says:

    Gas Tax ? We already pay a gas tax twice. Sales tax, Federal tax, all paid at the pump with our already taxed payroll check. MM These politicians are not representing us. They are representing their empire. This is a very poor idea.

  3. Nancy Fernandez says:

    Is Mary Jo Rossi managing Mr. Frazier’s campaign? Probably.

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