Tri Delta Transit bus schedule to change, effective September 4, 2016


Their TV commercial jingle states they “go everywhere, man.” But, to respond to changing traffic patterns associated with the completion of the Highway 4 widening project, Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (Tri Delta Transit) is making changes to their current bus schedule. Changes will take effect Sunday, September 4, 2016. All current routes will be in operation with the new schedule; select times only have been changed on seven routes: Route 200, Route 300, Route 380, Route 385, Route 386 Route 391, and Route 392.

“A minimum of three notices were placed on every bus one month in advance to inform our customers about this upcoming change,” said Mike Furnary, Director of Marketing. Notices have also been placed at several bus stops, online, on our mobile app, as well as social media and traditional media channels.

“To assist our customers to prepare for the changes, a preview of the revised schedule is currently available on Tri Delta Transit’s web site at,” he said.

Tri Delta Transit was named small bus operator of the year in 2014 by the American Public Transportation Association, the national representative for public transportation in Washington DC. They provide over 3,000,000 trips each year to a population of over 250,000 residents in the 225 square miles of Eastern Contra Costa County. They operate 13 local bus routes Monday – Friday, 4 local bus routes on weekends, door-to-door bus service for senior citizens and people with disabilities, and shuttle services to community events.

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