Frazier issues statement after approval of Delta tunnels audit

Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D – Oakley) issued the following statement after the Joint Legislative Audit Committee approved a request by a coalition of Delta representatives to take a closer look at the funding of the Delta tunnels project, now known as the California WaterFix:

“Since being elected to the Assembly, I have continuously fought against any new water conveyance project in the Delta,” Fraizer stated. “Major concerns have been raised regarding a secure financial plan with both the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) and the California WaterFix/EcoRestore.

“As the representative and a long-time citizen of Assembly District 11, known as ‘The Heart of the Delta,’ this issue has always been a priority. As chair of the Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee, I held the first legislative oversight hearing on the BDCP’s funding structure, allowing the public and Legislature a forum to voice concerns and identify shortfalls. I’ve also carried legislation to address these worries; such as AB 2583, which would have resolved many of the concerns raised in the recently approved audit request.

“Little by little, each of these attempts has resulted in increased awareness and understanding of this critical issue. I am pleased that my colleagues on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee understood the importance of taking a closer look at these uncertainties and I look forward to reviewing the results.”

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  1. Mike S says:

    The State Water Board are fonctionnaires and they are a disgrace to their professions. We are witnessing the making of an massive ecological disaster on a scale not ever seen in the United States. In 20 years Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown won’t be on earth and most of the State Water Board members will be retired drawing Social Security and Cal State Pensions. California WaterFix is going to make Boston’s Big Dig look like child’s play. Bechtel Construction is drooling slobber all over itself.

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