Businessman Gil Murillo files papers to run for Mayor of Antioch, third challenger for Harper

Gil Murillo

Gil Murillo

By Allen Payton

After announcing, last year his intention to run for Mayor of Antioch in this year’s election, Antioch resident Gil Murillo filed the required papers with Antioch’s City Clerk’s office, Wednesday morning. He is the fourth candidate to file and is one of three to challenge Wade Harper, who is seeking a second term.

“I want to bring forth our voice to the City of Antioch,” Murillo said in a campaign press release. “The problems that we face today are not new and we can bring other cities’ successful programs to Antioch. These programs have reduced crime, better schools, increased police staffing and make communities stronger.”

“I am not a politician but I will get things done with no excuses,” he continued. “I am entering this election for Mayor to bring our voices to City Hall and represent you with no ties or incentives from special interest groups or developers. You have the opportunity to elect someone with 20 plus years of corporate experience whose only goal is serve the elected role and not be obligated to outside political interests.”

Murillo then offered his campaign platform with a list of issues he commits to work on if elected.

“It is my plan to bring our City:

  • Living wage job opportunities so you can work and live in the same city
  • Form a committee to bring county, city, police, social services and schools together on issues that impact our youth
  • Engage outside police agencies to assist in additional patrolling while we increase officer count
  • Define government housing plan that is based on the needs of the city and community
  • Ensure community services (e.g. fire, schools, police) are fully funded before new development starts
  • Enhance downtown Antioch with positive family theme events
  • Creative solutions to address the homeless challenge
  • Engage adjoining cities for a joint vision of tomorrow”

Filing closes on tomorrow, Friday, August 12 at 5:00 p.m. The other challengers in the race are Mayor Pro Tem Lori Ogorchock and local chiropractor and Antioch Chamber of Commerce CEO Dr. Sean Wright.

Murillo works as Manager of Application Programs for the staffing and consulting firm Robert Half. He and his wife Dulce have lived in Antioch for eight years and have five sons. For more information call him at (925) 219-1068 or visit Murillo’s Facebook page at

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Gil Murillo

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