Harper announces campaign for reelection as Mayor of Antioch, claiming “effective leadership”

Wade  Harper from his Facebook page.

Harper from his Facebook page.

By Allen Payton

In a post on his campaign’s Facebook page, Antioch Mayor Wade Harper announced his campaign for re-election, on Friday, August 5, 2016.

“Under my leadership as mayor of the city of Antioch we have become a safer and more prosperous city.  Our sound Strategic Management Plan is working to reduce crime, improve economic development and remove blight & graffiti city-wide.  That’s a promise kept.  That’s effective leadership!

As a former police lieutenant of the 2nd safest city in California and now mayor, I refused to layoff police officers.  Instead, I asked Antioch tax payers to fund more cops on the streets, you did!  We’ve had the most aggressive hiring practice, recruiting about 40 police officers since passage of Measure C.  That’s a promise kept.  That’s effective leadership!”

Harper is referring to his time working for the City of Tracy, before retiring after being elected Mayor in 2012. The City currently has a net four additional sworn police officers since the City Council placed Measure C on the ballot in August, 2013 due to officers retiring, quitting the force or being terminated.

Harper first served in public office when he was appointed to the Antioch School Board in January, 2009 to fill a vacancy created by the death of Joyce Seelinger. He was then elected to the Antioch City Council in 2010, before running for Mayor.

With Harper running for reelection, candidates for Mayor have until Friday, August 12th at 5:00 p.m. to file their required papers. The election is on Tuesday, November 8. So far he is expected to face three challengers, should those who have pulled papers complete the filing process.

3 Comments to “Harper announces campaign for reelection as Mayor of Antioch, claiming “effective leadership””

  1. Robert says:

    That’s a laugh!!!!
    Corruption at the top… Faced a recall and as the Save The Yard campaign has seen complete incompetence.
    And voters voices silenced by shady action by the City and since he is being funded by the same developer for the Condo project how does he escape “Conflict of Interest” or out right bribery???
    Of this isnt the case then a real candidate would recuse all funds from the developer and sustain from any voting on any action with regard to the Yard. Which would completely disqualify him from any decisions on the Yard.
    And the citizens of Antioch would have hope in seeing a beautiful event center in Rivertown.

  2. Gentrytown Resident says:

    “Under my leadership as mayor of the city of Antioch we have become a safer and more prosperous city..” You have got to be kidding me! Antioch’s crime rate has soared in the last few years. Ive had to call 911 more times this year. No businesses thriving in these neighborhoods under these conditions! Time for a change!

  3. Gerald Cheney says:

    Please provide campaign contribution address.

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