Following health issue, Ken Turnage returns to race for Antioch City Council

Ken Turnage II

Ken Turnage II

By Allen Payton

On Friday, Antioch businessman and 2015 Citizen of the Year Ken Turnage II, announced he will run for the Antioch City Council, following a health concern that he thought would keep him out of the race. According to Antioch City Clerk Arne Simonsen, Turnage pulled the necessary papers, Friday to file and run for one of the two council seats up for election in November.

Following is his complete statement:

Today, I am announcing that I will be running for Antioch City Council this fall.

Although I had already previously announced my intention to run, I unexpectedly was forced to make the difficult decision to withdraw because of a prognosis of skin cancer requiring multiple surgeries. I was told a recovery time which would make it difficult to give it my all in a campaign. This week, I underwent the first of multiple surgeries for skin cancer removal—the first being the most difficult and painful.

Fortunately, what I was told to expect, was not the reality. It was a best case scenario and the recovery time is much less. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, but nowhere near what was anticipated by the doctors.

As I am set to restart my campaign, I wanted to be transparent an open in what I considered a private matter while I was facing an uncertain time in my life. It was a shock, it was scary, and I do not wish cancer of any form on anyone. But it’s made me realize how badly I want to work on improving the City of Antioch and continue working with the community.

I believe I have a good track record in wanting what is best for this city and helping where I can. I am asking for your support so together we can work on turning this city around.

For those who may have hesitation about my condition, I would be more than willing to take the time to meet with you before you make your vote this November in what I consider a turning point in the future of Antioch and the city I love so much.

Ken Turnage II, Candidate for Antioch City Council 2016

Turnage is the owner and president of K2GC, Inc. a general contractor in Antioch.


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