Prince Tribute skate, Friday night June 24 at Paradise Skate in Antioch

Prince Tribute Skate ad

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Prince Tribute Skate ad

6 Comments to “Prince Tribute skate, Friday night June 24 at Paradise Skate in Antioch”

  1. Eric A. says:

    Two months after his death? I see this more as making money off of him, than a tribute. I wouldn’t go even if I could skate.

  2. Nancy Fernandez says:

    I don’t skate and wouldn’t go but I looked at it as an adult fun night. Why can’t a group of people pay tribute any time they want? We have all kinds of musical tribute groups that play all over the world all the time.

  3. Eric A. says:

    A Tribute Band, and a Tribute to someone, is two different things. Most “Tributes” to famous people are done within the first month of their death. If you do a google search of Tributes to prince, it will be hard to find anything relevant to the present time.

  4. Nancy Fernandez says:

    Why can’t a bunch of people just have fun and call it what they want? Don’t make such a big deal of a celebration of Prince and his music and a group who loves to skate.

  5. Eric A. says:

    This is America, they can do what they want. In the same respect, I can call it as I see it.

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