Letter writer wants to know who paid for The Wilson Watch ad


The campaign ads in the June 2016 issue are not surprising and all enjoy their freedom of expression.

I just have one question to ask.

The full-page ad for Hardcastle is identified as paid for by Friends of Hardcastle.

The quarter-pager for Amador is identified as paid for by Amador for Congress.

And the full-page No on E ad is identified as paid for by Antioch Friends for Local Control.

All these show either an active FPPC ID or a Facebook page.

So riddle me this:

Who paid for the full-page hatchet job on Wilson?

Neither group name, nor FPPC ID, nor any mechanism of contact is offered from this party, which ends its layout with a fusillade of well-worn dog-whistles concerning our economic refugees, nearly non-existent voter fraud, and any manner of advanced understanding of citizens of alternate gender classification. This following a ceremonial shaming of someone for being a member of the so-called “precariat”.

I have been lucky to work at my present employer for nearly 15 years, but my work record before this would not have passed this ad-maker’s muster of being employed somewhere longer than five-and-a-half years. What are we to make of these unnamed snobs who thumb their noses at those of us to have had to work to find work?

For a faction positioning itself as a watcher, they sure like their invisibility.

Avery Colter


2 Comments to “Letter writer wants to know who paid for The Wilson Watch ad”

  1. Arne says:

    I am turned off by “paid advertisements” like “The Wilson Watch” which appeared in the Antioch Herald – particularly when whoever paid for it doesn’t have the guts to say that they paid for it !!!!

    While the publisher of the Antioch Herald may have had no choice in printing it, I think the Antioch Herald could have established a policy that paid political advertisements have to state who paid for it. That wouldn’t be censorship, but would be the right kind of policy for any newspaper to establish.

  2. Libby says:

    Are there false statements in the ad? If there are false statements, Wilson should respond and correct any falsehoods. Otherwise it looks like whinig.

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