Antioch Chamber of Commerce CEO, Dr. Sean Wright to run for Mayor

Dr. Sean Wright

Dr. Sean Wright

Dr. Sean Wright, a local chiropractor and the CEO of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce announced his campaign for Mayor of Antioch in the November election.

“I am running for Mayor because this town desperately needs someone with experience and a proven track record in the ability to create lasting change,” Wright said. “Antioch has a rich history that should be celebrated and the potential for a bright future. The speed at which we get to that bright future is dependent on the person who takes over the city’s leadership position. It is crucial for the success of our city and the people who live here, and for our future. I feel confident in my ability to be Mayor, leading us into the future we all desire for Antioch.”

In a press release issued on Wednesday, June 1st, it states: “Five years ago, Dr. Sean Wright took on the challenge of turning around the Antioch Chamber of Commerce, which was on the brink of bankruptcy. Now, he wants to bring that same vision, passion and energy to lead Antioch as Mayor.

As a successful small business owner, Wright feels the need for new leadership and a new direction for Antioch.

His past performance shows his ability to lead collaboratively and create a vision for the future in Antioch. Partnering with leaders from many different areas including elected officials, business, education, volunteers and government staff, his focus was, and remains, on problem solving and creating an environment conducive to future growth and vision.

Programs that Wright has successfully helped initiate include, regional economic development collaboration in the creation of EC2: The Collaborative in partnership with the County’s Northern Waterfront Initiative and Agricultural Growth Initiative which will help to create the needed local jobs to allow more of our residents to live, work and play in our community; Suburban Poverty Task Force bringing the City, County, Police, Code Enforcement, churches, and non-profit organizations together to educate, collaborate and initiate positive campaigns to help those in need and clean up the city; Education reformation at the high school level, helping business leaders and academics work together resulting in programs that are copied state-wide for their success, better preparing our Antioch students for the workforce; and Police support and public safety through the Business Neighborhood Watch program which brings businesses together, helping to police their own areas and supporting our officers.”

“I take great pride in being a resident of Antioch,” says Wright. “Fifteen years ago we purchased a home, and my wife and I and our five children moved here. We opened our chiropractic practice, served in the schools and Kiwanis. I joined the Chamber, becoming Chairman and ultimately CEO, making decisions that were good for the Chamber and businesses.  I volunteered nearly 20 hours a week to create a new purpose and vision and led impactful efforts in education, economic development, public safety and poverty.”

Wright held his campaign kick-off party at his home on Wednesday, June 1st where he says about 60 people attended. On the event’s invitation, his three issues are listed as leadership, safety and economic development, and his slogan reads The Wright Choice for Antioch Mayor. Robin Agopian is listed as his campaign’s treasurer.

Filing for Mayor of Antioch and the city council seats currently held by Mary Rocha and Monica Wilson, opens in July.

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