Writer supports Hardcastle for Supervisor


Doug Hardcastle is the only candidate in the race for County Supervisor who has served his country in the military, served in public office and owned a business in the county.

He has the best combination of experience, knowledge and commitment to serve the people of Contra Costa. Doug’s a proven leader and isn’t afraid to take on the tough issues.

He was the only candidate to jump in the race to take on the incumbent and speak out against the 33% pay raise she voted to give herself, as an example of wasteful spending by the county, before she backed out.

We need to elect him, this year, and provide new, strong, proven leadership on the Board of Supervisors. Please join me in voting for Doug Hardcastle on June 7th. To get involved in his campaign, please visit www.doughardcastle.com.


Ron Yarolimek


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  1. Nancy Fernandez says:

    I will be voting for Mr. Barr. Spend some time talking with him and you will too.

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