Pacheco casino contributes another $165,000 to pass Measure E in Antioch, over $310,000 so far

By Allen Payton

As of the close of the filing period on April 23, 2016, the California Grand Casino in Pacheco had contributed $165,000 more to the Antioch Coalition Against Gambling Expansion, the committee formed to support the passage of Measure E on the June ballot. The filing period covered January 1 through April 23, 2016.

That brings the casino’s total contributions to $310,100, which includes $145,100 in contributions made by the casino in October, which funded their signature gathering operation. Only $50 was contributed to the committee from any other source.

Of the funds received, the committee has spent an additional $99,791.88 with $72,470.08 of it on a consultant and another payment of $14,049 for signature gathering. That brings their total spent to date to $187,510.11 leaving an ending cash balance of $122,639.89. All the money has been spent outside of Antioch for consultants, printing, mailings, a phone bank and more.

There has been no committee formed to oppose measure E, yet. However, an ad ad in the May issue of the Antioch Herald newspaper was paid for by a group entitled Antioch Friends for Local Control and another group described as Antioch residents and businesses paid for a separate ad against Measure E in the same issue of the paper.

See the campaign finance reports for the Yes on E committee, below.

Yes on E committee Fin Rpt 7-1 to 12-31-15

Yes on E committee 1-1 to 4-23-2016

the attachments to this post:

Yes on E committee 1-1 to 4-23-2016
Yes on E committee 1-1 to 4-23-2016

Yes on E committee Fin Rpt 7-1 to 12-31-15
Yes on E committee Fin Rpt 7-1 to 12-31-15

4 Comments to “Pacheco casino contributes another $165,000 to pass Measure E in Antioch, over $310,000 so far”

  1. Skip says:

    How do we find out who the consultant is and whether or not they have a relationship with the council? This whole measure smells crooked. Would not surprise me if “consultant” is code for a $72,000 bribe.

    • Publisher says:

      Thank you for reading and your comment.

      The consultants’ names and information are in the financial reports.

      But, four of the council members oppose the measure, so it wouldn’t make sense that they would have any relationship with any of the consultants.

      They placed the measure on the ballot instead of adopting the language in it, as part of the city ordinances. Only Councilwoman Monica Wilson signed the petition to put the measure on the ballot and voted to abstain on the motion to place it on the ballot, instead of adopting the ballot language as the city ordinance.

      What smells is that an out-of-town business is trying to buy an election in Antioch to limit competition for themselves, by making it almost impossible for Kelly’s to reopen or prevent another, second card room from opening in town.

      Anyone can get a ballot measure on any city’s or county’s ballot if they have enough money. Pay an attorney to develop ballot language. File it with the city or county clerk. Pay a petition signature gathering company to hire signature gatherers to get enough valid signatures of registered voters, pay them per signature, and then they say whatever is necessary to get a signature, even if it means lying. Get some local people to act as shills and one of them to be the spokesman. Then, if you’ve gathered enough signatures, force the city council to either adopt the ballot language that you’ve had written, or put it on the ballot. Then spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your message out to the voters, even if it means deceiving them, and hope they pass it.

      Here’s the question. How much does the California Grand Casino in Pacheco stand to lose if Measure E fails and a second card room opens in Antioch? Obviously more than $310,000. Most likely much more than that.

      Allen Payton

  2. John says:

    Antioch already has a high crime rate, don’t need to open up a card room where crime might increase! thx god I don’t live in Antionch lol

    • Darrell says:

      John, what evidence do you have that Kelly’s “might increase” crime? I’m confident you have none. John, is ignorance really bliss? I don’t live in Antioch, I don’t go to card rooms, and I have no personal interest in how this plays out. I DO care that ignorant people like John might be swayed by the California Grand Casino’s devious methods. I’m not against free enterprise; I AM against egregious greed and deceit. John, please learn to spell, and to use proper grammar. Thank you.

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