Writer has problem with Barr being endorsed by Brentwood Police Officers, supports Hardcastle for Supervisor


Brentwood City Councilman and Supervisorial candidate Steve Barr’s endorsement by the Brentwood Police Officers’ Association is a clear example of what is wrong with California politics and government leadership.

A city councilman and/or supervisor is on the management side of the negotiation for pay, benefits, pensions, working rules, etc. with labor groups.  Having their endorsement and, in all probability financial support, during the campaign, leads to the distinct possibility of a pay back or reward for that support during contract negotiations.  The second problem with this arrangement is that the only people left out of that negotiation are the taxpayers, the people who have to pay for the results of that negotiation.  It is especially easy to give pay increases and other benefits when you are negotiating with other people’s money.

I support Doug Hardcastle for Supervisor in District 3.  Doug and his wife Linda have owned and successfully operated Hardcastle’s RV in the county since 1972.  He was on the Ironhouse Sanitary District Board of Directors from 2000 until 2012 and a member of the Oakley City Council since 2012, serving as Mayor, last year.  He is Chairman of Transplan (the East County transportation board), Chairman of the State Route 4 Bypass Authority and is Vice Chairman of the Tri Delta Transit Authority. Doug is a successful, independent leader who understands the need for private sector economic development and jobs in East County and has proven his ability to lead in the public sector.  But, most of all, he is working for all the people of East County, not just a chosen few.

Hal Bray

Discovery Bay

4 Comments to “Writer has problem with Barr being endorsed by Brentwood Police Officers, supports Hardcastle for Supervisor”

  1. John says:

    So you’re supporting Trump ’cause Hillary has thousands of special groups she needs to pay back if she wins?

    • John says:

      Don’t get me wrong, Trump might be that person America is looking for!
      our politicians are 100% in debts from special interest groups that they have forgotten “government of the people, for the people and by the people” it’s all about how much can I get from this groups this days

      • Publisher says:

        Thank you for reading and commenting.
        Here’s my question to you and anyone who complains about the politicians getting money from special interests.
        When was the last time you contributed to a candidate’s campaign?

        If you vote for a candidate you should also financially contribute to their campaign.
        Only about 5% of Americans actually do.

        Campaigning is marketing and that costs money. The candidates have to get their money from somewhere.
        If individual people won’t give and the candidate isn’t rich, like Trump, how are they supposed to pay for their campaign expenses?

        Even if it’s just $20, $10 or $5, you’re helping to pay for the signs, ads, flyers, website, etc. that it takes to get their message to the voters.
        Challengers need even more help because they’re up against the name recognition of the incumbents.

        I’d prefer to have a campaign finance law passed that requires at least 51% of the money a candidate receives in his/her campaign come from individuals within the district they’re elected from. In business 51% is control. That way the people are in control (hopefully).

        The other thing that voters need to make sure of is that there’s no quid pro quo involved. Usually candidates have their views, then get their money from groups who share those views. It’s the candidates who change their views to fit the contributor’s desires that we need to be concerned about.

        Allen Payton

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