Antioch street changes: A St. at Bryan Ave. turns to be blocked permanently, April 11

Construction of the Sunset Drive extension, across Bryan Street.

Construction of the Sunset Drive extension at Bryan Street.

By Allen Payton

If you drive Sunset Drive or Bryan Avenue to A Street, to turn southbound to access Highway 4 or if you drive A Street southbound and turn left on Bryan Avenue to get to the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, as of April 11, you won’t be able to any longer.

According to Antioch’s Public Works Director/City Engineer Ron Bernal, that construction you’ve seen going on for months, where Sunset Drive terminates at Bryan Avenue, is the extension of Sunset Drive. It will curve and stop at A Street, where a new stop light has recently been installed.

So, beginning Monday, April 11, in order to turn southbound onto A Street, you’ll have to drive to the light at Sunset Drive and A Street. In addition, in order to access Jack-in-the-Box from A Street, you’ll have to turn left on Sunset Drive, proceed south to Bryan Avenue and turn left.

You will still be able to turn right onto northbound A Street from Bryan Avenue and turn right onto Bryan Avenue from northbound A Street.

The changes will make it easier and more safe to turn onto and off of A Street onto Bryan Avenue.

To view the location on Google maps, click here.


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