Two more Antioch High underclassmen earn football scholarships

Campbell and Omari received offers of scholarships. photo by Luke Johnson

Antioch High varsity football players Guadie Campbell and Omari Harris received offers of scholarships, earlier this month. photo by Luke Johnson

By Luke Johnson

Two star football players from Antioch High School, other than the nation’s number one recruit Najee Harris, received Division I football scholarship offers early in March.

First, freshman wide receiver Guadie Campbell was offered by Brigham Young University on March 2, followed by an offer from Eastern Washington University two days later.

On that same day, sophomore linebacker/running back Omari Harris (no relation to Najee) earned an opportunity to play at the University of Nebraska, then received the same news from the University of California, Berkeley on March 7. All of these are full-ride scholarships.

Campbell’s offers came under rare circumstances, considering he has yet to record a varsity stat. He played the entire 2015-16 regular season on the freshman team, and was pulled up to varsity during the playoffs with minimal playing time. But BYU noticed his upside and potential, and wanted to jump on him early.

Now with these new accolades, Campbell feels opponents might start targeting him due to his young age.

“I’m just a freshman,” he said. “They think, ‘Oh, he has offers. He’s just been going against little kids.’ That just gives me an opportunity to show them how I got these offers.”

Omari Harris started his high school career at De La Salle, then transferred to Antioch as a sophomore. He became a part of the Panthers’ historic 10-0 season, and finished the year strong, filling in for injured senior linebacker/running back Nick Perry. He recorded 203 rushing yards with 22 carries, four touchdowns and three sacks.

“It’s exciting, because it brings so much positivity to the team and the school,” offensive coordinator Brett Dudley said. “A couple years ago, you mention ‘Antioch,’ and no one knows where it is. Now the notoriety that our team got this year, going 10-0 in the regular season, I mention, ‘Antioch,’ and people who aren’t even college coaches say, ‘Oh, I know where that is. I know about you guys. I’ve heard of your team. I’ve heard of your running back,’ or this or that. It’s really put Antioch on the map.”

Dudley added that when he started coaching at Antioch six years ago, he could not beg anyone enough to click on a highlight tape, but now, he has college coaches and scouts in his inbox “night and day.”

When asked who they credit their success to, Campbell and Omari Harris were thankful for the same three things: God, family and Malu Fitness.

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