Antioch Chamber of Commerce named Champion ‘On The Rise’ by Earn & Learn East Bay

Antioch Chamber of Commerce CEO Dr. Sean Wright (center) with Principals Louie Rocha of Antioch High and Ken Gardner of Deer Valley High with the Earn & Learn award.

Antioch Chamber of Commerce CEO Dr. Sean Wright (center) with Principals Ken Gardner of Deer Valley High, (left) and Louie Rocha of Antioch High with the Champions On The Rise award.

Earn & Learn East Bay celebrated the Antioch Chamber of Commerce and Dr. Sean Wright as one of three Champions ‘On The Rise’ award winners in 2016 for their support of Education in our community.

“The Antioch Chamber of Commerce, and you as its CEO, are being honored for the countless ways you engage with Antioch Unified School District in its Linked Learning efforts–whether encouraging business engagement in our schools, providing technical assistance and support to Linked Learning pathways, lending a leadership voice to the Linked Learning statewide expansion, or coordinating business/education events to showcase our students and their demonstration of skills, you are to be commended for the passion and dedication you deliver every day to ensure student success,” said April Treece Director of the STEM Workforce Initiative of the Contra Costa Economic Partnership to Wright.

The Award was given on Friday, March 4th at the Hilton Concord at the Earn & Learn Kick-Off Breakfast with Principal of Antioch High School Louie Rocha and Principal of Deer Valley High School Ken Gardner in attendance.

About Earn & Learn East Bay

Earn & Learn East Bay connects employers to regional efforts designed to help grow our future workforce. We place students and young adults ages 16-24 in meaningful workplace experiences including summer jobs, internships and apprenticeships or in industry-led summer learning experiences. To create these opportunities, the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County, Contra Costa Economic Partnership and the Earn & Learn East Bay team rely largely on the support of local employers and community-based organizations.

Our efforts to create summer youth employment and enrichment experiences build off of a strong foundation that has provided more than 1,000 summer opportunities over the past five years. Our goal for 2016 is to connect at least 500 young people to jobs, internships and other high -quality work-based learning experiences, such as industry-led summer camps focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Benefits to employer partners:

  • ·The opportunity to build your future workforce.
  • ·The chance to showcase your industry and organization, including positive publicity as a partner supporting Earn & Learn East Bay (through publications, website, news media and special events).
  • ·Direct impact on strengthening communities in the East Bay region.

Benefits to youth:

  • ·Hands-on career and technical skills as well as life skills, such as communication, collaboration and critical thinking.
  • ·Networking and relationship-building skills, and mentorships with industry professionals.
  • ·Access to income and upward mobility, which can break the cycle of poverty.
  • ·Newfound confidence in skills and abilities.

How it works:

  • ·Learning goals are agreed upon by the youth participant, the employer partner, and a member of the Earn & Learn team, who also works with the participant throughout the summer.
  • ·Youth typically work part time or full time over the summer months and earn minimum wage.
  • ·The Earn & Learn team connects eligible youth to meaningful work experiences in a variety of industries.
  • ·Contracted youth service providers can also serve as the employer of record, providing wages and covering insurance costs.
  • ·Limited funds may be available to sponsor youth at your place of business. To find out how you can get involved, please visit or e-mail

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