Antioch Council Members Rocha, Tiscareno give birthday gift to Harper with endorsements for County Supervisor

Candidate for District 3 Supervisor, Antioch Mayor Wade Harper, announced Saturday, he has received endorsements from fellow city council members Mary Rocha and Tony Tiscareno.

Mary Rocha from City of Antioch website.

Mary Rocha from City of Antioch website.

Rocha is the longest serving member of the current Antioch City Council and first Hispanic mayor of Antioch (1996-2000). Rocha is very knowledgeable of the nonprofit world and has dedicated her life to supporting Contra Costa County families. She has been a community liaison for Brighter Beginnings, with the Mary Rocha Child Development Center named in her honor. She serves on the board of directors for Tri-Delta Transit and Delta Diablo Sanitation District with Harper.

“I am supporting my mayor because he has done a great job bringing our city together to address many of the problems that we face,” Rocha said. “Wade is the most experienced candidate in the race. As a directly elected mayor and 24-year veteran police officer, he is the strongest candidate to tackle the challenges that persist in the county.”

Tiscareno was appointed to the city council in 2012 to fill Harper’s unexpired term when Harper won the race for Mayor. Tiscareno is a 33-year retired steelworker, and a former Political Director for the Contra Costa Labor Council. In the 1990’s, Tiscareno owned a small business trading sports cards. The 46-year resident of Antioch is now a real estate agent.

Tony Tiscareno from City of Antioch website.

Tony Tiscareno from City of Antioch website.

“What stands out about Wade is he cares about people,” he said. “I share Wade’s commitment to stand up for hard-working people when we returned city employees back to a full-time work week after five-and-a-half years of work furloughs. I am honored to stand with Wade for Supervisor and support his campaign.  He will make a great supervisor.”

When Harper was elected as mayor he led the city council in team-building and strategic planning. He also led the charge in authorizing violent crime suppression teams, while also spearheading the Measure C campaign to hire more police. Measure C is bringing in more than $5 million per year to hire police officers, code enforcement officers and blight reduction.

Harper is chair of Delta Diablo Sanitation and a member of the board of directors for Tri Delta Transit. In the past, he has served on the Transplan, Highway 4 Bypass, eBART and East Contra Costa Regional Fee and Finance Authority committees.  Harper was also elected to serve as chair of the Contra Costa County Conference of Mayors.

“Today, on my birthday, I am honored to have key support from my fellow council members,” Harper said.  “I look forward to bringing my leadership to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. The community deserves integrity, excellence and hard work from their elected officials.  I will work with the current supervisorsand community to find solutions to problems and add value to the community.”

Harper also added that he is “ready to work on the many issues facing our community such as public safety, jobs, protecting our Delta, healthcare and transportation to name a few.”

Harper is one of seven candidates running for Supervisor in District 3, which includes most of Antioch. The election is June 7. If no candidate wins a majority, the top two candidates will face each other in a run-off during the November General Election.

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  1. Julio says:

    This is a whole lot of BS in one place. Be careful what you vote for people.

  2. Karl dietzel says:

    Endorcing each other had no meaning, since
    The first thing the educated voter does, looking
    At Antioch and the real archievements .

    Guess what , there are none .

    Please don’t vote the very same people into
    Office and exspect different results .

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