Letter writer defends Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be President

Dear Editor:

I was surprised by the negative comments about Hillary’s qualifications made by Mr. Ralph Hernandez (my good friend) in a letter to the Antioch news paper.  I think he believes the propaganda put out by Republicans to discredit her.

I believe she is well qualified to be president of the United States. She served under President Obama as Secretary of State and did a very good job, contrary to the what the Republicans say. She was in Washington eight years with President Clinton and is well aware as to what goes on there.

My wife and I worked for the Antioch Democratic Club for many years.  My wife represented this area in the Conventions in Washington and Florida. I served as president and treasurer of the Democratic club for years and supported the Clintons for years.


Joseph T. and Carolina M. Zamora


2 Comments to “Letter writer defends Hillary Clinton’s qualifications to be President”

  1. fernando navarro says:

    If your refering to her goal to dismante this country and remake it into anprogressive (think socialist) bastation. Yeah. Great job. Shes progressing us all right…right over the cliff. Her body count as secretary of state makes her body count as first ‘lady’ of both the white house and arkansas look like a warm up act.
    the middle east is in flames…isis has been enflamed (some say created) by this womans direct actions woth Obamas handy work.

    right wing propaganda my rear. Fact man facts.

    dont like them …keep looking at your loafers ..cuz when the rodham is in the room she demands you cower…or else you get the lampshade!

  2. Julio says:

    With all due respect, Mr Zamora, I disagree with you completely. I didn’t even see Mr. Hernandez’ letter and do not intend to look for it. Mrs. Clinton will continue to dismantle this country and we have to stop that. Have you looked at your medical bills under Obama? Mine have gone up 4 times what they were and I can’t even afford some of my medications. My age is very close to yours, which is 80 something, I believe and I would expect better from you with your life experience.

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