Church burglarized, shoplifting, guns used in robberies in Antioch Police calls, Feb. 4-10, 2016

One victim hits possible burglar with clothes iron to scare him off

As published in Acting City Manager/Public Works Director/City Engineer Ron Bernal’s Weekly Report dated February 11, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando. More serious or interesting crimes highlighted in bold.

Calls for Service and Arrest Data Summary:

Time Period: 02/04/16 00:00:00 – 02/09/16 23:59:59*

Number of Calls for Service: 1,412

Number of Case Reports: 248

Number of Arrests: 73

Felony: 30

Misdemeanor: 42

Infraction: 1

Arrests with DUI charge: 4

*Due to holiday schedules, this report is for 6 days only.

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·On 2/10/16 at 3:36 am, at approximately 12:06 am, officers responded to Antioch Church Family located at 55 E 18th St on an alarm call. Officers discovered the church had been burglarized. A subscriber came out and boarded up the point of entry. At approximately 3:36 am, we responded back to the church on another alarm call. The previous point of entry was accessed again. During the search with the police K9, the K9 alerted to a closed and locked door. The door was forced open which caused minor damage. This time we located 43 year old Danny Jimenez inside the church. Jimenez was arrested without incident and booked into county jail. The original subscriber did not answer his phone and no other subscribers were available. The after hours board up company was called and arrived a short time later.
  • ·On 2/9/16 at 11:05 pm, an officer contacted a subject inside a parked vehicle near 331 Sunset Dr. The subject was identified as 32 year old Rodney Tallent. A computer check revealed Tallent had two no bail warrants for his arrest. Tallent was arrested without incident and subsequently booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/9/16 at 10:25 pm, officers responded to Auto Center Dr and SR4 on a report of a traffic collision with CHP detaining one subject. Officers arrived and contacted 50 year old John Saavedra. Saavedra displayed signs and symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Saavedra was identified as the driver and subsequently arrested without incident. Saavedra was later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/9/16 at 8:40 pm, 19 year old Jasmine Zazi entered the JC Penney store and selected nearly $500 worth of cosmetic items and exited the store without making any attempt to pay for them. As Zazi exited the store, she was confronted by the store loss prevention officer. As the loss prevention officer tried to detain and escort Zazi back into the store a struggle ensued and Zazi sprayed the loss prevention officer in the face with pepper spray. Another customer assisted the loss prevention officer and they were able to detain Zazi until officers arrived. Zazi was arrested and later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/9/16 at 12:25 pm, 28 year old Brendon Dyer was stopped after the vehicle he was driving was seen doing donuts while in the funeral procession for our recent homicide. A warrant check revealed a felony warrant for narcotic sales and Dyer was taken into custody without incident and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/9/16 at 12:02 pm, APD received several calls of subjects using and selling narcotics in the parking lot of the La Bonita Market at 1068 Sycamore Dr. Upon arrival, a witness pointed to Peppertree Way saying an adult male with a pony tail just left the parking lot carrying a large bag of suspected narcotics. An area check was conducted and 31 year old Francisco Gonzalez was contacted on Peppertree. He attempted to hide a large bag of marijuana but his attempts were unsuccessful. He was arrested and found to be in possession of over $400 in cash (mostly of small bills). During an interview, Francisco admitted to selling the marijuana in the parking lot prior to police arriving and that the marijuana located was his. His money was confiscated as evidence and he was sent to county jail. Francisco is also on probation.
  • ·On 2/9/16 at 3:10 am, 26 year old Marcello Guillen was driving east on Lone Tree Way and veered off the roadway at the intersection of Golf Course Road. The driver drove onto the sidewalk and up the slight embankment by Tailgaters restaurant and destroyed several large trees and shrubs. The vehicle continued east on the embankment and came to rest on top of the Tri Delta covered bus stop. Guillen fled the scene on foot but was detained a short distance away. Guillen was determined to have been driving under the influence of alcohol and was not injured in the collision. He was taken to a local hospital for medical clearance and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/8/16 at 9:59 pm, officers responded to the Economy Inn on E 18th St for a welfare check. Upon arrival, they contacted 23 year old Sarah Denzer. A computer check revealed Denzer had a warrant for her arrest. Denzer was cited and released from the scene without incident.
  • ·On 2/8/16 at 8:13 pm, an officer contacted 70 year old Barbara Cantrell in front of the Executive Inn on E 18th St. The officer obtained consent to search Cantrell and located methamphetamine in her purse. Cantrell was issued a misdemeanor citation and released from the scene.
  • ·On 2/8/16 at 8:26 pm, the victim was sitting in his car in the Wal-Mart parking lot when he was approached on the passenger side by an unknown male with a gun. The male ordered the victim to unlock the passenger door and then sat down in the vehicle. The victim was robbed at gunpoint of his earrings, necklace, and iPhone and then pistol whipped on the back of his head. The male then exited the vehicle and left towards Lone Tree Way. The victim drove home and then got a ride to a local hospital. The incident was reported when the victim arrived at the hospital.
  • ·On 2/7/16 at 9:21 pm, officers responded to Wal-Mart on Lone Tree Way on a report of a shoplifter in custody. When the officer arrived, he contacted 21 year old Miranda Gallagher who was being detained in the security office. During his investigation, the officer located 2 grams of heroin and 6 syringes on her person. Gallagher was cited and released from the scene.
  • ·On 2/7/16 at 11:08 pm, officers responded to the 4600 block of Silvercrest Ct on a report of multiple subjects trespassing into a vacant property. Officers arrived and contacted several people inside the vacant home including 39 year old Jason Labrecque. A computer check on Labrecque revealed he had a no bail warrant for his arrest. Labrecque was arrested and booked into county jail without incident.
  • ·2/7/16 at 7:23 pm, dispatch received several calls of numerous shots fired in the area of Hidden Glen and Hillcrest Avenue. Upon arrival there were several people standing out front of a home in the 4400 block of Hidden Glen Drive who all advised they hadn’t seen anything and were not entirely cooperative. We located two different areas where groups of shell casings were located. We recovered 8-.45cal, 3-9mm, and 16-.40cal casings at the scene. We were unable to locate any victims or property damage at the scene. Local area hospitals were notified and to date no victims have shown up at the hospital.
  • ·On 2/7/16 at 6:32 pm, officers contacted 48 year old Paul Lomeli at the Executive Inn. A check revealed he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. While searching Lomeli incident to arrest, officers found him in possession of methamphetamine and a concealed knife on his person. Lomeli was booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/7/16 at 1:01 pm, dispatch received a call from an anonymous caller stating there was a subject making threats to a male who was inside of a vehicle parked in front of Bank of America on Somersville Rd. Officers arrived on scene and located 22 year old Akeem Kiante still at the driver’s window of the victim’s vehicle. He was detained after admitting to having marijuana and a knife. During an interview, officers learned the victim and his family were in the area driving when Akeem followed them to the bank parking lot. Akeem insisted they had a vehicle collision and demanded money from the victim for the alleged collision. Akeem brandished a box cutter knife while making threats towards the victim. The victim gave Akeem $200 cash because he was scared that Akeem was going to hurt him and his family. Akeem was arrested and found to be in possession of the $200, knife and approximately 3 oz of marijuana. He was booked in county jail. The money was returned to the victim.
  • ·On 2/7/16 at 5:01 am, officers were southbound Auto Center at the Highway 4 on/off ramp behind a vehicle at the red signal light. The light turned green and the vehicle did not move. As the light cycled to red the vehicle still had not moved. Upon activating the emergency lights, the driver drove through the intersection against the red signal light and collided into a street light pole. The driver, 56 year old Wilford Hooper, was not injured but was under the influence of alcohol. Hooper was uncooperative and refused to submit to field sobriety tests or a chemical test. A search warrant was granted to obtain Hooper’s blood sample. Hooper has a lengthy history of DUI’s and other crimes. Hooper was later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/7/16 at 1:00 am, officers contacted 36 year old Gabrielle Cobos in the Wells Fargo parking lot at 18th St and A St. It was determined Cobos had a no bail warrant for his arrest from an APD 2014 Robbery case. Cobos was arrested and booked into county jail without incident.
  • ·On 2/6/16 at 11:00 pm, an officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of Cook St and MacCauley St for a traffic violation. The officer learned the driver, 21 year old Lafayette Maurice Davenport, had a warrant from a 2015 APD narcotic sales case. Davenport was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/6/16 at 9:09 pm, the victim arrived home and parked in her parking stall in the 2400 block of Sunny Lane. She noticed a silver Hyundai stopped on Mahogany Way. Two males exited the car and approached her. As they got closer she noticed that they were both armed with handguns. She jumped back into her vehicle and locked the doors. Both males started hitting her windows and yelling at her to get out of the car. She was able to reverse her vehicle and drive out of the complex. The males ran back to their car and chased after the victim for a short distance. Officers arrived on scene quickly but were not able to locate the responsible vehicle.
  • ·On 2/6/16 at 9:07 pm, an unknown male entered Dollar General at 20 W 10th St, brandished a handgun at the clerks, and demanded money from the registers. One of the clerks opened her register and the responsible grabbed the entire cash tray. The responsible then fled the store and was last seen running west bound on W 10th St. The responsible was not located.
  • ·On 2/6/16 at 8:14 am, APD Volunteers (VIPs) were in the area of Crestview Dr and Aster Dr when they observed a male subject sleeping behind the wheel of a vehicle that was parked on the curb. The VIPs reported their findings to dispatch. Officers responded to the call and recognized the driver of the vehicle to be 30 year old Alvin Crane. The vehicle was still in drive, the doors were locked and Crane had his foot on the brake. They woke Crane who was disoriented and began reaching around in the car as it started to roll forward. An officer broke the passenger window and unlocked the doors. The other officer was able to open the driver’s door and place the vehicle in park as it came to rest against a chain link fence. Officers attempted to pull Crane from the vehicle but he resisted their efforts. They eventually pulled him from the vehicle were he continued to resist on the pavement. He was eventually taken into custody after additional cover officers arrived. Crane was very intoxicated and transported to county hospital for medical clearance and then booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/6/16 at 12:31 am, the victim arrived home from work and pulled his vehicle into the garage in the 1700 block of Springwood Way. As the victim exited his vehicle, two unknown males approached him in the driveway. Both males were armed with black semi auto firearms. The males ordered the victim to give them his money. In the process one of the responsibles pulled the victims gold necklace from his neck. The victim gave the responsibles all the cash he had on him. Both responsibles fled on foot in an unknown direction. The victim was not injured during the robbery.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 9:31 pm, officers were dispatched to 412 K Street on a report of an unwanted guest. Upon arrival, officers contacted 45 year old Anthony Davis on the couch. Davis was found to be in possession of 9mm ammunition, a glass pipe and suspected methamphetamine. Davis is a convicted felon. He was booked at APD and later sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 8:30 pm, officers responded to a reported carjacking with shots fired in the Rite Aide lot on East 18th St and a subject down in the lot. At the same time, calls came in of a collision a block away in which a white minivan had struck multiple parked cars and came to rest in the yard of a residence on West 17th St. Upon arrival at Rite Aide, 37 year old Leo Lopez was contacted and reported he had been pistol whipped and his van was stolen. When officers arrived on scene on West 17th St and found Lopez’s van in the front yard of a residence with the driver deceased from multiple gunshot wounds. Lopez admitted he went to the Rite Aide on East 18th St to meet with a subject he normally buys prescription pills from. He heard someone knock on his van’s window and unlocked the door thinking it was his dealer. The male got in and pistol whipped Lopez. Lopez jumped out of his van once he realized he was being robbed. The male fled in the van through the lot towards A St. Lopez pulled a gun he had concealed and opened fire at the male, striking him, as he drove through the parking lot. The male succumbed to his injuries and crashed the van into parked cars and a residence on West 17th St. Lopez showed officers where he had hidden his gun and had a large amount of cash on him. He was brought to APD and interviewed by Detectives. Lopez was later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 5:48 pm, an officer attempted to stop 40 year old Scott Lee on a motorcycle in the area of Amber Dr and Cavallo Rd. Lee failed to yield to the officers’ red lights and siren and quickly accelerated. The officer did not pursue Lee due to safety conditions but was able to keep Lee in his sights from a distance. The officer later discovered Lee was stuck in the mud near the railroad tracks on Hillcrest Ave and Sunset Dr. Lee was contacted and arrested without incident. After performing field sobriety tests, Lee was placed under arrest for DUI and resisting arrest. Lee was booked at APD and later sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 5:13 pm, officers were dispatched to 1625 A Street for a report of subjects drinking and loitering. Officers contacted 33 year old Gary Kennedy in front of the location. He was found to have an outstanding felony warrant for auto theft. During a search of Kennedy’s person, officers located a 6 inch fixed blade knife concealed in his waistband. Kennedy was taken into custody without incident and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 2:51 pm, 22 year old Emma Guido carjacked a vehicle from Century Plaza in Pittsburg and fled towards Delta Fair Blvd. She ran a red light at Delta Fair Blvd at Century Boulevard and hit a vehicle broadside that was travelling eastbound on Delta Fair Blvd. Two people in the vehicle she hit were transported to a local hospital for complaint of pain. Guido attempted to flee the scene on foot but was apprehended by a Pittsburg PD officer. Pittsburg PD requested we take the accident report and PPD took the arrest of Guido for the carjacking. APD completed a traffic collision investigation.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 1:56 pm, an officer recognized 27-year-old Robert Lay driving on Sycamore Dr and knew he had a felony warrant for his arrest. He conducted a traffic enforcement stop and contacted Lay and 22 year old Angela Dieteman. A records check of Dieteman showed she had a felony warrant out of San Benito County also. Both were arrested and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/5/16 at 1:50 am, 22 year old Brianna Robertson and 23 year old Omar Jimenez were contacted during a vehicle stop. Robertson was arrested without incident on an outstanding burglary warrant from Alameda County. Jimenez had an open bottle of Crown Royal in his lap. He refused to identify himself to officers and was booked into county jail and later cite released once his identity was verified.
  • ·On 2/4/16 at 11:09 pm, 45-year-old Jeffrey Mittelbusher was stopped for vehicle code violations. He pulled to the right and immediately jumped out and fled on foot. Mittelbusher was caught after a short foot pursuit and attempted to pull away and get up. Officers were able to quickly take Mittelbusher into custody. He was medically cleared at a local hospital and then booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/4/16/at 4:19 pm, a male wearing a black hoodie covering his head, walked into the KFC at 2410 Mahogany Way and approached the counter. There were several people in the business at the time as he approached the cashier. The male brandished a pistol and told the cashier not to look at him. He told the cashier to hand him everything from the register. The suspect then ran out of the business and east on Mahogany Way. An area check was conducted with negative results. Most of the witnesses were unaware a robbery had occurred when questioned.
  • ·On 2/4/16 at 7:15 am, the victim walked into her kitchen at the 200 block of W 17th St and found an unknown male adult inside of the residence. The male charged the victim and threw her to the ground and punched her right hand causing two of her nails to break off. The victim was able to grab a clothes iron and hit the suspect with it. The suspect fled out of the residence and ran northbound on D Street. An area check was conducted and the suspect was not located. The scene was processed for evidence.


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