One in custody death, one homicide, multiple gun arrests among crimes in Antioch Police calls for service report, Jan. 28 – Feb. 3, 2016

As published in Acting City Manager/Public Works Director/City Engineer Ron Bernal’s Weekly Report dated February 5, 2016 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando. More serious or interesting crimes highlighted in bold.

Calls for Service and Arrest Data Summary:

Time Period: 01/28/16 00:00:00 – 02/03/16 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,615

Number of Case Reports: 324

Number of Arrests: 92

Felony: 40

Misdemeanor: 52

Arrests with DUI charge: 4

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·On 2/3/16 at approximately 8:20 PM a 37 year old male walked out of an area hospital against doctor’s orders after being admitted the day before. The hospital notified the Antioch Police Department. Officers responded and searched for the subject who was wanted on a parolee at large warrant and has a long history of violent crimes and drug offenses. The male was not located at that time. On 2/5/16 at approximately 3:12 AM an officer checking an occupied vehicle at the east end of E. 6th Street found the parolee and a friend sleeping in the vehicle. While attempting to take the parolee into custody he fought violently with officers. Once the officers were able to restrain him, an ambulance was summoned to the scene to treat him for injuries sustained during the fight with officers. As the ambulance arrived the subject began having some sort of medical distress and life saving measures were taken. The 37 year old male was transported to an area hospital and later pronounced deceased. The friend in the vehicle did not get involved in the confrontation and is cooperating with the police. The involved officers sustained only minor injuries. Because this is considered an in custody death, the county protocol was invoked. The Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, the Contra Costa County Crime Lab and the Antioch Police Department will be conducting an investigation into the facts surrounding this incident. No further information will be released at this time regarding the investigation.
  • ·On 2/4/16 at 4:22 am, the victim was heading to his car to go to work in the 2000 block of Glenwood Dr when a tall thin male approached him and brandished a dark colored pistol demanding money. The victim ran from the suspect, who in turn fled northbound on Woodland Drive. The suspect was not located and there was no loss.
  • ·On 2/4/16 at 12:51 am, the victim was stopped on Deer Valley Road at Rocky Point Drive for the red light when an old red Honda pulled in front of her and stopped. The occupants got out and one was armed with a hammer. They forced the victim from her car and fled the area. The victim was not injured and had to walk home to call APD. The vehicle was not located.
  • ·On 2/3/16 at 10:19 pm, the victim arrived home and found her house burglarized. Some of the items taken were an IPad and laptop. She used the Apple Apps to track her items to the area of Lone Tree Way near Slatten Ranch. She continued to check the app and her items showed to be inside 5404 San Martin Way. Officers went to the residence to attempt contact. A BMW sped away as they approached and voices could be heard inside the residence. Initially, no one would come to the door, but through persistence, officers were able to get someone to open up. 27-year-old Hiram Lawrence, 24 year old Tomone Cross, and 51-year-old Bruce Mix were contacted. A probation search was conducted and the victim’s pillow case full of her property was found on the kitchen counter. Her laptop was found in the backyard. No one claimed to have any knowledge of how the property got into the house or where it came from. Mix provided a statement that he had given Lawrence and Cross a ride. He denied any knowledge of burglary. Lawrence and Cross have several contacts and arrests for burglary. They did fit the description of the possible responsibles, but there were no witnesses that could ID them as the responsibles. All parties were released pending further investigation at this time. A majority of the victim’s stolen property was recovered.
  • ·On 2/3/16 at 7:06 pm, officers working the proactive detail made a vehicle stop and contacted the driver 27 year old Jonathan Noyolasierra. Noyolasierra was found to be in possession of a methamphetamine pipe and loaded .357 speed loader. Further investigation led to the discovery of a loaded .357 magnum revolver in the roadway nearby that had been discarded by Noyolasierra just prior to the stop. He was also found to have a warrant for another previous gun arrest. He was transported to county jail.
  • ·On 2/3/16 at 5:00 pm, officers were working a proactive detail and contacted 25 year old Joseph Miller in the area of West 7th Street and H Street. He was found to be in possession of a loaded stolen revolver. Miller was taken into custody without incident. He was found to also have a no-cite felony warrant and was later booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/3/16 at 4:43 pm, officers were dispatched to 901 J St on a report of a fight in the courtyard. Upon arrival, several males were seen running into apartment #8. Officers made contact with approximately 15 subjects in the courtyard. All subjects were detained. 24 year old Darrisha Armstead was arrested on an outstanding warrant for robbery. Officers then made contact at apartment #8. 25 year old Artis Crenshaw, 21 year old Michael Moore, and 31 year old Terrence Benjamin exited the apartment. Benjamin had an outstanding warrant for auto theft. The apartment was subsequently searched and two loaded handguns were located. All four subjects were booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/3/16 at 10:23 am, 26 year old Ahmad Burks showed up to the probation office for an appointment. Officers met him in the lobby and he was arrested without incident. The Investigations bureau was notified regarding Burks’ arrest as he is a suspect in a recent shooting. He was transported to county jail.
  • ·On 2/2/16 at 10:40 pm, officers stopped a vehicle in the area of Gary Ave. and Biglow Dr. The front passenger fled from the vehicle and into the Bidwell school campus. Officers gave chase and lost the subject. Approximately one hour later, officers responded to the listed address on an unknown subject who had gained entry into an occupied house and was bleeding from his mouth and would not stop shaking. The residents did not know who the subject was. Officers arrived a short time later and determined the subject was the person who had earlier ran from the vehicle. The subject 37 year old Wendell Celestine was uncooperative and it was determined he had a no bail parole warrant. Celestine was suffering from hypothermia as he was hiding in a creek bed with only shorts on. Celestine was admitted into a local hospital.
  • ·On 2/2/16 at 9:12 pm, an officer was conducting follow up in the 4100 block of Mt. Isabell Rd. when he came across 20 year old Daddy Webb. A computer check revealed Webb had a warrant for his arrest. Webb was arrested and booked into county jail without incident.
  • ·On 2/2/16 at 6:19 pm, Antioch officers were aware of a burglary of an Oakley Sergeant’s house in Brentwood in which 25 year old Eric Meals was a suspect and a suspect vehicle plate was provided. An Antioch officer was on patrol when he saw the vehicle in the Rite Aid lot on 18th Street. The officer contacted and detained Meals, 35 year old Alfred Noblitt, and 28 year old Manuel Hook. Brentwood PD Detectives responded to take over the investigation and custody of the suspects. Several items stolen in the burglary were recovered from the vehicle.
  • ·On 2/2/16 at 8:02 am, 45 year old Samantha Seidell was contacted in the lobby of the Sutter Delta Hospital and was asked to leave by security as she had no reason to be there. Seidell became hostile with security and refused to leave. Seidell tried to walk into a bathroom but security blocked her path. Seidell removed a knife from her pocket and swung it at the security guard missing him but striking the wall. Seidell was detained by security and turned over to APD. She was sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/1/16 at 10:47 pm, an officer contacted 28 year old Cameron Alexander to the rear of the Safeway store on Deer Valley Rd. A computer check revealed Alexander had a no bail warrant for his arrest. Alexander was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 2/1/16 at 9:47 pm, an officer was on his way to a call when he noticed 42 year old Eric Jones pass by in the area of W 10th St and D St. His attention was drawn to Jones’ vehicle as he was driving on a bare rim. Upon making contact with Jones he exhibited signs of being under the influence. Jones was subsequently arrested and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/1/16 at 4:30 pm, officers were in the area of 233 Rossi Ave when they saw 20 year old Brandon Elder. Officers were aware Elder had an outstanding felony warrant and took him into custody. He was sent to county jail.
  • ·On 2/1/16 at 4:12 pm, officers were dispatched to a local hospital regarding a victim who had been hit on the head with a bat during a burglary. The victim reported she was in her apartment at 1111 James Donlon Blvd and using the bathroom when her bathroom door was kicked by an unknown male suspect. The suspect attacked her with a baseball bat and fled the apartment. The victim’s purse was taken in the incident. Officers responded to the apartment and processed the scene.
  • ·On 2/1/16 at 8:40 am, an officer was on routine patrol when he observed 51 year old Robert Carli loitering in front of Umpqua Bank at 3700 Lone Tree Way. The officer contacted Carli who was found to have a felony warrant out of San Mateo County. Carli was placed under arrest and the officer located prescription pills in Carli’s possession. Carli was also arrested for unauthorized possession of a schedule IV narcotic prescription. Carli was sent to county jail.
  • ·On 1/31/16 at 11:42 pm, officers responded to Lone Tree Liquors at 2748 Lone Tree Way on a silent register hold up alarm. Officers arrived and contacted the store clerk. The clerk stated two unknown males entered the store, one stayed at the front door as the look out as the other brandished a silver revolver at the clerk demanding money from the cash drawer. The suspects fled on foot after taking cash. Security cameras captured the incident and a copy of the footage was attached to the report. Officers are following up on leads.
  • ·On 1/31/16 at 9:05 pm, officers responded to the Valero gas station on Somersville Road on a report of an unwanted guest. Upon arrival, officers contacted 39 year old Steven Delgado. A computer check revealed Delgado had a no bail warrant for his arrest. Delgado was arrested and booked into county jail without incident.
  • ·On 1/31/16 at 4:40 pm, Wal-Mart security called to report 26 year old Justin Fulcher had stolen items and was resisting security when they tried to stop him. Upon arrival, security had Fulcher in the office and he was still trying to escape. Fulcher provided a false name but we learned his true identity after running his prints. Fulcher had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest and was also on felony probation. He was sent to county jail.
  • ·On 1/31/16 at 1:39 am, officers were dispatched to the area of A Street and 10th Street on reports of a vehicle colliding with a signal light in the middle of the intersection and the driver trying to hide the car behind a nearby building. Officers located the responsible vehicle in the Dollar General parking lot and contacted the driver, 42 year old Belissa Estes. Estes was found to be under the influence of an illegal substance. During a search of the vehicle, officers located a small amount of marijuana and methamphetamine. Estes was arrested and consented to a blood draw. Estes was medically cleared at a local hospital and later booked in county jail. Public Works employees responded and repaired the downed traffic signal.
  • ·On 1/31/16 at 9:36 am, an officer was patrolling the area near the foot of G Street when he contacted 28 year old Jonathan Ocampo outside of a vehicle. Ocampo was on felony probation and found to be in possession of methamphetamine. The officer also located a glass pipe in the vehicle. Ocampo was arrested and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 1/31/16 at 2:22 am, officers conducted a pedestrian stop on 35 year old Evila Briones. She identified herself with a California ID card belonging to someone else. The officers confirmed her identify was Evila Briones and she was arrested for felony identification theft and search incident to arrest turned up methamphetamine on her person. She is on three terms of probation and she was sent to county jail.
  • ·On 1/30/16 at 7:11 am, an armed unknown male entered the Shell gas station at 2701 Hillcrest Ave wearing a hood, ski mask and gloves. An employee was stocking a refrigerator at the back of the store when the suspect approached him, pointed the gun at him and demanded the store’s cash. The victim went to the registers and gave the suspect two cash drawers from the registers. The suspect fled out of the store with the drawers northbound. Video was obtained from inside of the business. There were no outside cameras so it is unknown what kind of vehicle was associated with the suspect.
  • ·On 1/30/16 at 12:41 am, while providing extra patrol to the downtown corridor, an officer contacted 26 year old John Appling sitting inside of his vehicle. Appling was found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He was arrested for the warrant and transported to county jail.
  • ·On 1/29/16 at 8:05 pm, officers were dispatched to the area of Appleglen St. and Hidden Glen Dr on a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, officers located the vehicle occupied. Officers could smell marijuana coming from the car. During a search, officers located several ounces of marijuana, packaging, scale and $955 in US currency from a backpack in the possession of 20 year old Tunde Falase. Asset forfeiture was authorized and the money was seized. Falase was transported to county jail for sales of marijuana.
  • ·On 1/29/16 at 5:06 pm, a Pleasant Hill marijuana dispensary driver came to Antioch with orders to deliver a 1/8 oz of marijuana and edibles to Magnolia Way. Upon his arrival, two unknown males approached the victim and brandished a firearm. The suspects ordered the victim to empty his pockets. The driver gave the suspects his wallet, car keys, cash and marijuana. The responsibles discarded the victim’s phone in the front yard prior to the victim fleeing on foot. Upon returning to the scene, it was discovered the victim’s car was stolen. The vehicle was registered to the victim’s employer, who stated approximately $8,000 worth of marijuana was inside the vehicle. While a police K-9 was searching the yard of 1733 Magnolia for the discarded property, a pit bull exited the garage next door and went after the police K9 and officer handler. Another officer deployed his ECW, which struck the pit bull. The dog owner came out of his residence and took custody of his dog. It was then determined the owner did not order marijuana. The investigation is ongoing.
  • ·On 1/29/16 at 10:18 am, 39 year old Julian Owens went into Boost Mobile at 1623 A St and stole a Samsung Galaxy phone and fled the store on foot. An officer located Owens in the area and he was identified as the responsible in this case. During a search of Owens’ person, 2.3 grams of methamphetamine and a glass pipe were found in his possession. Owens was arrested and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 1/29/16 at 8:22 a.m., an officer was dispatched to the area of W 9th and L Streets for a hit and run collision and located the responsible vehicle on I and W 9th Streets. 58 year old David Voelker was found near the vehicle and admitted that his vehicle hit the victim vehicle. The victim did not want prosecution. Voelker consented to a search of his vehicle and 7.1 grams of methamphetamine was located in the vehicle. Voelker admitted to possessing the methamphetamine and was placed under arrest. He was later released pending lab results.
  • ·On 1/28/16 at 9:56 pm, an officer observed 24 year old Michael Johnson standing in front of 804 W 11th St and knew he had outstanding felony warrants. The officer attempted to contact Johnson who entered his home closing and locking the front doors. A perimeter was set up around the home and announcements for Johnson to exit the home were made. When Officers made contact with family exiting the front door to the home, Johnson fled out of the rear door of the home. He was arrested without incident. He was transported to county jail.
  • ·On 1/28/16 at 7:51 pm, officers were dispatched to a local hospital for a report of a subject with a gunshot wound to the leg. Upon arrival they discovered victim was actually shot twice, once in the stomach, once in the inner thigh and was pistol whipped. The victim explained that he was leaving an address on W 14th St and was approached by an unknown male who was holding a gun. The male pointed the gun at the victim and demanded his money. The victim pushed the gun down and in doing so, the male shot him in the leg. A struggle began between the two and the victim was shot once more in the stomach. After the shooting, the suspect ran off. Officers responded to the scene and located blood in the street consistent with the victim’s statements. The case is still under investigation.
  • ·On 1/28/15 at 9:53 am, officer Hiles saw 22 year old James McCullar riding a 50cc dirt bike on the street without a helmet on Wilbur Av near Cavallo Rd. They attempted a traffic stop on McCullar and he failed to yield and a short slow speed pursuit ensued. McCullar drove in the wrong lane of traffic twice in an attempt to flee then went down Fulton Shipyard Rd. He eventually drove up onto the railroad tracks and the pursuit was terminated. McCullar drove off the tracks and then attempted to drive onto E 6th St where he was stopped by a perimeter officer without incident. The owner of the motorcycle was contacted and stated the motorcycle was stolen 4 years ago and reported to Pleasant Hill PD. After further investigation the owner of the motorcycle remembered she sold one 50cc bike and had one 50cc bike stolen 4 years ago and she could not remember which bike was stolen. McCullar was booked into county jail.


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