Delta Fresh Foods to open in former Fresh and Easy location in Antioch

Fresh ProduceAccording to City Manager Steve Duran’s latest Weekly Report, a family owned company, Delta Fresh Operators, LLC, will open soon in the recently closed Fresh and Easy building at Lone Tree Way and Golf Course Road. With 60 years of grocery experience, Harley and Dennis DeLano plan to open a neighborhood market with fresh meats, produce, organic products and prepared foods by April.

Delta Fresh Foods will have cashier checkers, stockers and baggers, anticipating about 50 employees and is seeking to hire locally. The 13,860 square foot building will be going thru some light renovations in the coming months to get the building ready for the new concept. The DeLano family owns two other grocery stores: Westlake Market in Davis and Fairfax Market in Fairfax, California.

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15 Comments to “Delta Fresh Foods to open in former Fresh and Easy location in Antioch”

  1. Connie Komar says:

    So looking forward to this and to getting some good organic produce.

  2. Loretta Sweatt says:

    Sounds fantastic!

  3. Danielle Vetro says:

    How do I apply for employment there?

    • John Brown says:

      I currently am the store manager at Grocery Outlet here in Antioch. I heard about your store opening and read about you. Your store sounds very interesting to me and sounds like something that Antioch really needs.

    • Deborah says:

      You go to the address

  4. Mairena says:

    I interesting to work in supermarket

  5. Mary says:

    Have you considered locating a market in the Fresh and Easy store vacated in the Fairway Park Shopping Center in Hayward, CA 94544.

    I know the residents are really anxious for a market that they can walk to. It is an inconvience for some of the residents in the area having to drive to different areas or city to do their grocery shopping.

    I beg you to please consider locating in the Fairway Park Shopping Center in Hayward, CA

  6. Margie Nagel says:

    I would just LOVE to see Delta Fresh Foods move into our empty Fresh and Easy here in Fairway Park, Hayward, California. It was always such a busy store and employed local people, including my youngest daughter. It would really bring our walkable neighborhood back to life. Please consider it?

    Margie Nagel

  7. monica says:

    How do we go about requesting a Delta store in South Hayward?

  8. Pat Caton says:

    Plz consider opening in hayward@ fairway shopping center, on Mission blvd, where the old fresh choice grocery store was, we do not have a grocery store we would love to see you open there

  9. Lawrence A says:

    Delta foods will be a welcome addition as a neighborhood market! I fully support this decision!!! Woohoo!

  10. dick says:

    What a s*** hole supermarket I give it less time than pacific fresh to stay open

  11. Brittany Tuell says:

    What are the prices like at Delta Fresh Foods?

  12. Too expensive says:

    3 1/2 months and theyre closing with 40% off clearance sale. They should have learned from fresh and easy.

    You cant open up a boutique grocery store and have basically a 50% higher price than the grocery store down the street.

    That is the definition of insanity.

    The owners lost a ton of money. It might work in a rich area like walnut creek, but not in blue collar antioch,ca.

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