Candidate for Congress Nance opposes Obama gas tax proposal

Stockton police officer challenging incumbent Congressman Jerry McNerney vows to oppose the President’s plan which would hurt working families by adding 25 cents to every gallon of gas to fund pork barrel projects for campaign donors

(Stockton) – Congressional candidate for the 9th District, Kathryn Nance announced her strong opposition to President Obama’s plan to raise gas taxes at the pump that would take money out of the pockets of every American family.  His plan would also hit Central Valley farmers hard and threaten their ability to compete internationally.  The plan is designed to give handouts to the President’s campaign donors in an industry with a history of wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.

“Jerry McNerney needs to state his position on this issue immediately and let us know where he stands,” stated Nance.  “This plan is nothing more than a Robin Hood in reverse that takes money away from working families to give to Washington special interests that have funded my opponent’s campaign for years.  If McNerney refuses to take a position or supports the President’s plan he will have clearly chosen special interest campaign donations over the people of the 9th District and the nation.”

Recent drops in gas prices are currently giving working families a break in paying their monthly energy bills and keeping the weak economy from going into recession.  By raising taxes on energy, McNerney and Obama will kill thousands of good paying jobs in the energy industry while wasting billions on taxpayer funded projects that will be given out to those with political connections and take money straight out of the pockets of working families, seniors and farmers.

“The lower prices on gasoline are helping our families and farmers make ends meet in this weak economy,” continued Nance.  “I am running for Congress to replace the McNerney/Obama agenda and will fight every day to protect our families from the hidden taxes, fees and regulations that McNerney has supported.

Kathryn Nance is a Sergeant with the Stockton Police Department and a candidate for the 9th Congressional District which includes San Joaquin, Contra Costa and Sacramento counties.   To learn more about Kathryn, go to

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