Antioch’s former Golf N Games to reopen with new name, owner

mini golfBy Taylor Pagan

The former Antioch recreation business known as Golf N Games will reopen under a new name, according to Marcus Jefferson, who announced his business plans at the January 12th city council meeting.

Jefferson introduced himself and KangaZoom franchise owner Trina Scott of Atlanta, Georgia during the Announcements of Civic & City Events.

“Since we are new to the Antioch area, we are asking for the city’s support,” he said.

Jefferson said he plans on hiring 20 employees, including veterans and those with disabilities. He also plans on having an after school program for children, as well as a “Mommy and Me” program for stay-at-home moms with toddlers.

In addition to updating the miniature golf course and batting cages, other amenities include a full cafe and free Wi-Fi. However, Jefferson said there would no longer be go-carts.

Batting Cages“It will be a real exciting place and something for all ages to enjoy,” he said.

Mayor Wade Harper said he just had a group of students telling him how it’s good that restaurants are opening up, but they need something for them. He said he can now tell them it’s coming.

“This is exciting,” Harper said. “So we definitely want to know how we can support this.”

He also said a council member who is knowledgeable about work force development would be reaching out to Jefferson.

“I brought the lease with me to let you know we are ready to sign and get going ASAP, and if the Lord says the same we will be open within the next month or two,” Jefferson said.

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13 Comments to “Antioch’s former Golf N Games to reopen with new name, owner”

  1. Joe Hoskinson says:

    Great to read about good things that are happening within the Antioch community. Good luck to the new owners!

  2. John John Jackson says:

    When will they open ? I miss the golf course & batting cages there it makes Antioch a little more better

  3. Tita says:

    Hi how would I find out how to apply. I work for Cole vocational services in Antioch in some of the clients I work with are looking for a job. Please email me back at email giving…thank you

  4. Jennifer Wilcox says:

    What is the new name and where can we apply?

  5. Brian says:

    They sold this place out from underneath my brother who was bidding to buy it, (he’s a local) in shady business practices. Antioch needs locals to build up this area who know this area, live here, and are deeply invested in building up the community. Sad day for Antioch.

    • Marcus Jefferson says:

      I live in Pittsburg and I’ve supported this business with parties and just spending the day there. So I am local and also want to see OUR community thrive.

      • mediaphile says:

        If you bring back the arcade and get some Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Street Fighter IV, Injustice: Gods Among Us, or maybe Street Fighter V when it’s released, I’ll be there every weekend. Those games are moneymakers.

        Even if you don’t, I’m glad to see someone bringing this place back.

  6. COREY AKBAR says:


  7. Allison says:

    I’m interested! where can I apply ?

  8. arcade game says:

    arcade game

    Antioch’s former Golf N Games to reopen with new name, owner | Antioch Herald

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