BART to outfit every train car with cameras

This week, BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost issued the following statement:

“BART has committed to install a working camera system on each and every train car as quickly as possible.  Staff is already working on funding options, a procurement plan, and deployment strategy.  Our riders and employees’ safety is BART’s top priority.

BART, like all forms of public transit, is a safe mode of transportation. Prior to this announcement, we utilized a robust surveillance system with cameras located in train cars, on platforms, in stations, and even on our individual police officers.  However, the ability of decoy cameras to deter crime depends on the principle of uncertainty.  Once that uncertainty was removed, our strategy was rendered ineffective.

BART’s new Fleet of the Future trains already have cameras on all cars.  Now, both our existing and future cars will have security cameras.”

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  1. Julio says:

    I cannot believe those arrogant board members would jeopardize its ridership like this. AND turn a blind eye to the situation. Oh, wait a minute, I can believe it, Joel Keller is one of them! You can never believe one single one of them folks.

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