Auditions for Antioch’s The Drama Factory production of Dracula to be held Jan. 20, 21

Dracula auditions1/20/16  and 1/21/16  at 7 pm

Nick Rodriguez Theatre, 213  F  Street, Antioch

The timeless vampire play will be brought back to life this winter by The Drama Factory.

From Transylvania to London, a blood thirsty count stalks his victims under cover of night, only to return to his coffin before the sun rises. A strange illness has gripped a a doctors asylum, with no explanation of its origin….Will our band of heroes be able to stop this horrible ghoul, before a young woman dear to them falls prey to the vampire’s curse? Come and see. You may be the next.

Auditions are open to all, ages 13 and above. We encourage people of all experience levels to audition. As with all of The Drama Factory’s productions, there is no participation fee. For more information visit

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Dracula auditions

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