Congressional challenger questions Rep. McNerney’s stand on issues of terrorism


Police officer and congressional candidate Kathryn Nance called out Congressman Jerry McNerney after his call for America to “promote peace and understanding” in the Middle East after the brazen Paris terror attacks, in November, by asking him to commit publicly on issues to promote understanding of his views on radical Islamic terrorism.

Police officer and 9th District Congressional candidate Kathryn Nance today called on Congressman Jerry McNerney to state with specificity his positions on issues of terrorism after his response to the Paris terror attacks was to “promote peace and understanding”. McNerney has avoided making public statements on his issue positions while continuing to vote in lock step with a dangerous Obama foreign policy agenda.

“The Congressman must spell out his beliefs and stop hiding them from the voters,” said Nance. “We deserve answers and if he does not have the courage to stand behind his beliefs then he does not have the courage to confront ISIS and Islamic terrorists as a Congressman.”

Sanctuary Cities: Nance believes that “sanctuary cities” are the modern equivalent of secession, refusing to obey the laws of the United States of America on national security matters of immigration and terrorism. She believes in full elimination of federal funding to all cities engaged in this unlawful and rebellious behavior. Jerry McNerney must state his position and what the rationale is behind it. The people of the 9th district deserve an answer.

Closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility: Nance states she supports keeping Guantanamo Bay open to keep terrorists out of American jails, which could radicalize our prisons and increase recruitment by ISIS and Al Qaeda in our own country. Nance believes terrorists need to be kept off of American soil and away from the already dangerous drug cartels and gangs. Congressman McNerney needs to state his position and whether he would stop President Obama if he closes the facility and continues to free known terrorists, including the 5 released from Guantanamo Bay, just days after the Paris terror attacks.

Place a Moratorium on Immigration from Middle Eastern Nations: With our broken immigration system and the Obama Administration’s war on law enforcement, Kathryn Nance joins the Governors of 27 States in fully supporting a moratorium on immigration from the Middle East to reduce possible terror infiltration and reduce pressure on our current security structure. Congressman McNerney needs to state his position clearly, and if he believes we should continue to bring hundreds of thousands of new refugees from the Middle East, why it would be safe and benefit American citizens.

Immediate Deportation of Overstayed Visas: Nance believes that those who have overstayed their visas and are in the country illegally should be deported immediately to reduce terror risk and to lessen the long term burden on law enforcement. Congressman McNerney should let us know his position on this issue.

Iran Nuclear Deal: McNerney not only voted to support giving the largest state-sponsor of terrorism billions of dollars and nuclear weapons, but was a co-signer on a letter to President Obama urging acceptance of the Iran Nuclear Deal at any cost. Kathryn Nance continues to oppose this potential disaster.

Editor’s Note: McNerney’s office was contacted for comment on this news release from the Nance campaign, but chose not to respond.

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