Antioch Police calls for service highlights, Dec. 10-16, 2015

As published in City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report dated December 18, 2015 and provided by Chief of Police Allan Cantando. (The most serious crimes shown in bold)

Calls for Service and Arrest Data Summary:

Time Period: 12/10/15 00:00:00 – 12/16/15 23:59:59

Number of Calls for Service: 1,512

Number of Case Reports: 277

Number of Arrests: 70

Felony: 29

Misdemeanor: 41

Arrests with DUI charge: 1

The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.

  • ·On 12/16/15 at 7:36 pm a 47 year old female was on her nightly walk. As she was walking on Longview Drive near the south side of Save Mart, an unknown male emerged from the bushes. The subject struck her in the face causing her to fall to the ground. He then went though her pockets and fled the scene on foot. She was able to recover and walk home where she called APD. She did not get a good look at the suspect and could provide little information about the incident. She suffered some minor swelling on her cheek but refused medical attention. An extensive area check was completed but the suspect was not located.
  • ·On 12/16/15 at 6:25 pm officers were called to West 9th Street for a report of a vehicle on fire. When we arrived officers observed the vehicle engulfed. Once the fire was out it was obvious from the damage someone broke out the rear window and put some type of accelerant inside. No one was injured in the fire. According to the victim, she has no idea who would have targeted her. There were no witnesses present and no suspects at this time.
  • ·On 12/16/15 at 2:38 pm 23 year old Tyler Belleci entered Delta RC on West 10th St and selected two electronic drones valued at $1,000 each. Belleci ran out of the business with both drones and was detained outside by the owner of the business until we arrived. Belleci was sent to county jail on the above charge.
  • ·On 12/16/15 at 8:13 am a 42 year old male struck a city owned fire hydrant located near Roosevelt Lane. There were no injuries during the collision.
  • ·On 12/15/15 at 11:57pm, an officer was on routine patrol when he located an occupied stolen vehicle which abruptly pulled into a resident’s driveway. A high risk stop was conducted and 35 year old John Sanborn, 24 year old Michael Garcia, and 38 year old Robert Williams were taken into custody without incident, Garcia and Williams were later released. Sanborn was the driver so he was sent over to county jail.
  • ·On 12/15/15 at 8:28 am Oakley PD officers were in pursuit of a Honda sedan with two occupants. The Honda hit a power pole that fell into the lanes of E 18th St and then ran over a fire hydrant which caused water to spray 75′ into the air. The vehicle continued another 20′ then exploded into a ball of fire. The vehicle collision was catastrophic. The driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot and a passenger was trapped inside. The passenger remained in place and burned with the vehicle. The driver was caught in the area, and a loaded pistol was recovered from the scene. Oakley PD and CCCSO Deputies responded to the scene and the County Protocol was invoked.
  • ·On 12/15/15 at 7:52 am a 55 year old male was driving on Putnam St at Polk Ct driving his 11 year old daughter to school. The male passed out behind the wheel and the vehicle continued down Putnam. The 11 year old grabbed the steering wheel and guided the vehicle into the vacant field east of Polk Ct. and then flagged down a passing motorist for help. The motorist flagged down Ofc. Mayer who requested medical. Ofc. Miller arrived with an AED and both officers provided medical care until Paramedics arrived. Apparently the man suffered a heart attack and the actions by the officers allowed paramedics to establish vital signs and he was transported to a local hospital.
  • ·On 12/14/15 at 8:35 pm a resident on Lafayette Drive called to report two unfamiliar vehicles parked in front of his residence. Each vehicle was occupied by a male driver. The resident had already chased the vehicles away once and then they returned. When the resident confronted the subjects a second time the subjects fled on foot. The resident was able to detain 26 year old Angelo Perez. Upon officers arrival they discovered that one of the vehicles had been stolen earlier in the day in Antioch. Perez was arrested and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 12/14/15 at 4:50 pm 32 year old Joshua Jacobsen took and concealed approx. $250 worth of cosmetics and electronics while inside Target. When he exited Target a loss prevention agent tried to detain him. Jacobsen began wrestling around with loss prevention and tried to punch him a couple of times. Jacobsen also bit loss prevention on the hand breaking the skin. Loss prevention was able to get control Jacobsen and detain him. Jacobsen was tied to a theft from JC Penny a few hours earlier. He was sent to county jail.
  • ·On 12/14/15 at 2:14 pm, 32 year old Joshua Jacobsen loaded his backpack full of clothing from JC Penny and ran out of the business without paying for them. A good description and video was collected. Several hours later Jacobsen tried the same thing at Target and was contacted by loss prevention and tackled. He was identified and then cited released.
  • ·On 12/14/15 at 2:17 am officers were dispatched to Longview Road for the report of a 24 year old man who had been shot. This appears to be the case of a wife cheating on her husband with a co-worker, and the husband showing up at the co-worker’s home to find his wife there. As she was walking out of the front door of the residence, 23 year old Fernando Escobedo ran into the residence armed with a handgun. Escobedo confronted his wife’s co-worker in the residence and shot him once in the chest, once in the back, and once in the left thigh. The gunshot wound to the left thigh broke the bone in two. Escobedo stood over the victim appearing as if he was going to shoot the victim in the head. The victim’s father then came out of his bedroom and Escobedo fled the residence in his car. We put a want in the system and soon after an officer found Escobedo in his vehicle and a high risk stop was performed. Escobedo was taken into custody without incident. The victim was taken to a local hospital for surgery.
  • ·On 12/13/15 at 4:05 pm officers were dispatched to Panaderia El Pueblo on West 10th Street for 47 year old Michael Turner who was inside and yelling obscenities. Upon arrival and contact with Turner outside of the business, it was obvious he was intoxicated. Turner was taken into custody and sent to county jail for public intoxication.
  • ·On 12/13/15 at 10:43 am during a suspicious vehicle stop an officer contacted 27 year old Nathalie Moala and 23 year old Malia Hoopai who both had warrants for their arrest. Moala had (2) probation violation warrants, and Hoopai had a warrant for traffic and obstruction. Both were transported to the county jail.
  • · On 12/13/15 at 1:36 a.m., officers were dispatched to a hit and run collision at 26 E13th Street where it was reported that the responsible in the collision was a naked male, who fled on foot. The male had hit two parked cars and was not located. Almost two hours later officers were dispatched to Windsor Drive for a report of a naked male ringing a doorbell. Officers responded and located 52 year old Hugo Alvarez, who was wearing only a sweatshirt, and under the influence of a controlled substance. Officers were able to handcuff Alvarez without incident. Alvarez was arrested and taken to county jail.
  • ·On 12/12/15 at 10:30 am officers responded to W 6th and E Street on the report of a male on a bicycle looking into vehicles. Officers contacted 34 year old Ronald Mesina in the area and learned he had a $125K warrant out of San Francisco for burglary.Mesina was arrested without incident and booked into county jail.
  • ·On 12/12/15 at 8:21 am an officer contacted 22 year old Martin Revuelta sitting in a parked car at the Riverview Lodge. The officer conducted a consent search on Revuelta and located a meth pipe and methamphetamines. Revuelta was arrested without incident and subsequently cite/released from the scene.
  • ·On 12/12/15 at 3:33 am the employees at the senior living facility on Olive Lane called 911 at 0333 hrs to report that 87 year old John Cubit was last seen at 5pm on 12/11/15 at dinner by his roommate. Employees reported that Cubit is self sufficient on his own and they thought he would have returned. They finally notified APD 10 1/2 hours later and every patrol unit was sent to assist in the search. As of 0800 hrs he had not been located. The search continues…
  • ·On 12/12/15 at 2:47 am officers responded to the 911 call of a male being robbed who was down on the ground bleeding on Cavallo Road. A 30 year old male was found laid out in the middle of the street bleeding from his head. He was awake and alert. He said he was struck over the head with something which knocked him down. The suspect(s) checked his pockets and took his cell phone, wallet w/cash & the Nike Air Force One sneakers off his feet. The suspect(s) fled E/B on E 18th St from Cavallo Rd and they were not located. The male was transported to a local hospital for a head injury.
  • ·On 12/12/15 at 1:30 am 57 year old Debra Smith was contacted during a pedestrian stop on East 18th Street. A records check produced a $100,000.00 extraditable warrant for robbery out of Reno, Nevada. Smith was taken into custody and later transported to county jail.
  • ·On 12/11/15 at 12:09 pm at JC Penny’s, security attempted to stop a 43 year old female after she stole approximately $600 in clothing. The female punched security in the face and head numerous times while attempting to flee with the stolen property. The security officer was transported to John Muir in Brentwood for swelling to her face and head from the assault. The female fled the area and was not located.
  • ·On 12/11/15 at 8:47 am a 16 year old male who attends Tobin World and assaulted three different teachers today after he became upset over school issues. The 16 year old punched one teacher in the face then bit the arms of two other teachers, causing injuries. The 16 year old also kicked the door of a teacher’s vehicle causing significant damage. He was arrested and sent to juvenile hall.
  • ·On 12/10/15 at 11:35 pm a suspect entered Domino’s Pizza on Buchanan Road through the front doors wearing a black ski mask and was armed with a black semi-auto style handgun. The suspect walked straight to the back office where he contacted the Manager and told him to open the safe or he would shoot him in the face. The Manager opened the safe and the suspect grabbed the money. The suspect then walked to the front counter where he emptied the money drawer. The manager was not injured. The surveillance video was requested.
  • ·On 12/10/15 at 5:37 pm officers were dispatched to Lemontree Way for a report of a male who had just kicked in the front door. A female resident was asleep inside with her (2) year old child and her adult daughter. 24 year old Andrew McBride began kicking the security door and eventually was able to get the front door open. From there he forcibly entered the residence and began talking about how he was going to get a gun to “protect” the woman and her children. The woman immediately grabbed her phone and called 911 for assistance.When asked if she knew McBride, she advised she had met him yesterday when he approached her and asked if he could help her clean her residence. She does not know him other than that and does not know why he forced his way in. McBride was still on scene when we arrived and was taken into custody and sent to county jail.
  • ·On 12/10/15 at 4:34 pm a homeowner called to advise of a suspicious male in his backyard. Upon officers arrival the homeowner stated the male had jumped into the rear of 85 South Lake Dr. Officers contacted the resident who allowed them to search for the subject.39 year old Kary Smith was found hiding in a wood pile. He was also found to have an outstanding warrant and taken into custody withoutincident. We believe Smith was spooked due to the numerous patrol cars working the area for a special operation.
  • ·On 12/10/15 at 4:16 am, officers responded to an alarm at the Ace Hardware on Sunset Drive and found 53 year old Karl Schmidt and 49 year old Paul Wichlan exiting a gated area on the east side of the store. Both subjects were in possession of wire cutters, knives, and flashlights. A check of the business revealed that a burglary had occurred and various items had been stacked up inside the fenced area in what appeared to be preparation to steal the items. Both subjects were arrested and sent to county jail.


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