Moon rocks on display at Deer Valley High planetarium, Thursday evening

On Thursday, November 5 the Deer Valley High School ACE academy will sponsor a new planetarium show called “Back to the Moon for Good,” narrated by Tim Allen. This program explains the Lunar X-Prize contest, which describes a contest for a privately funded mission to the moon that will release a rover and send back pictures and messages.

Also that evening, we have a NASA Lunar Sample Disk with some small moon rocks on display. These are actual samples of rocks and soil from the moon, encased in an acrylic diåsk.

If you’ve never seen a moon rock, come take a look. The event will be Thursday night at 7 PM in room 511 at Deer Valley High School, 4700 Lone Tree Way, Antioch.

Contact Jeff Adkins for more information at either or 925 899 4001.

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