Antioch Police Department calls for service highlights and statistics, Oct. 8-15, 2015

From Antioch City Manager Steve Duran’s Weekly Report, dated 10/16/15, as provided by Police Chief Allan Cantando:

– On 10/15/15 at midnight officers responded to Kaiser on the report of an assault victim. Officers contacted a 23 year old male who had numerous injuries including two lacerations to his head, with one requiring five staples to close the wound. Information from the victim is limited and no one else is providing any details. On 10/14/2015 at 1042 pm officers responded to the 911 call of numerous males in four separate cars fighting in the intersection of Deer Valley Road and Lone Tree Way. All parties were gone when officers arrived. This is believed to be the incident where the victim was injured.

– On 10/14/15 at 11: 30 am an officer conducted a traffic stop at Delta Fair Blvd. and Somersville Road for vehicle code violations. The driver, 29 year old Earl Prince, was found to have a parole violation warrant. Earl was arrested without incident and transported to County Jail.

– On 10/14/15 at 8:30 am 50 year old Monte Swindle was panhandling at A Street and Highway 4. He was arrested and sent to County Jail for likely to continue and violation of his probation.

– On 10/14/15 at 1 am an unknown driver was driving on West Tregallas Road when their vehicle jumped the curb and struck a fire hydrant. The driver and vehicle fled and were not located. The fire hydrant was sheared off at the base. Fire department personnel responded and turned the water to the hydrant off.

– On 10/13/15 at 11:30 pm officers were patrolling the area of Romi’s Market on E 18th Street when they noticed a disturbance in the parking lot and were flagged down by a female. The female stopped at Romi’s to purchase some food and 41 year old Omega Ford began accosting her and threatened to shoot her. When Ford was arrested for the threats he began threatening the victim again in front of the officers. Ford was sent to County Jail.

– On 10/13/15 at 10:30 pm, an officer made a traffic stop on Camby and Clearbrook Roads. Officers got consent to search the vehicle and located a methamphetamine pipe in the door. 31 year old Amanda Jackson advised she also had marijuana. By the time he finished his search, the officer located multiple bindles of suspected controlled substances. Jackson was taken into custody. The bindles turned out to be methamphetamine and had a combined weight of 5.3grams.

– On 10/13/15 Officer’s worked a proactive detail directed towards panhandlers. 8 total arrests were made 3 subjects were sent to County Jail for various warrants, 5 subjects were cite released for either warrants, trespassing and/or panhandling.

– On 10/13/15 at 5:10 pm officers responded to Peppertree Way on a report of an occupied suspicious vehicle. Officers arrived and contacted 27 year old Antonio Poole who was walking away from the vehicle and officers. Poole was found to have a no bail warrant for his arrest. Poole was arrested without incident and booked into County Jail.

– On 10/13/15 at 11:45 am 50 year old Monte Swindle was panhandling on the westbound Highway 4 off ramp at A St. Swindle was contacted and was found to be in possession of a meth pipe. Swindle was cited and released.

– On 10/12/15 at 9 pm an officer conducted a traffic enforcement stop on 37 year old William Thomas. Thomas had five warrants for his arrest, 25 grams of methamphetamine on his person, and false identification in his possession. Thomas was arrested without incident and sent to County Jail.

– On 10/12/15 at 5:15 pm dispatch advised of a call for service in the front lobby of the Antioch Police Department in which 38 year old Heidi Clift stated she was here to pay a fine. Heidi became upset with the response time and started screaming and pounding on the service windows. When the officer arrived at the PD, Heidi was gone. A while later, dispatch saw Heidi jumping over the back fence of the PD parking lot. Heidi ran through the parking lot and got into the driver’s seat of a patrol car. Officers responded to the parking lot and found Heidi inside the patrol car with the doors locked. They used a spare key to open the door and pull her out. She advised that she was trying to use the lights and siren to get our attention. We were unable to determine what kind of fine she was originally trying to pay. Heidi was arrested for trespass and vehicle tampering and sent to County Jail.

– On 10/12/15 at 4 pm Officer responded to the Bank of America on E 18th Street on a report of a man walking up to the ATM’s after customers leave. Officers arrived and noticed the man looking over the shoulder of a female customer as she was at the ATM. When the female left, the man walked over to the ATM, noticed the officer watching him and walked away. Officers contacted 36 year old Mahdee Mahmoud and learned he had a $920K warrant for his arrest. Mahmoud was placed in the

back of the patrol car and attempted to destroy some ATM receipts he had in his pocket. Another customer approached the officer and informed him that he was alerted by B of A that someone was attempting to withdraw money from his account via the ATM. The investigation revealed Mahmoud was that person. Mahmoud was arrested and booked into County Jail.

– On 10/12/15 at 6 am 32 year old Christopher Fraulino was bothering workers and customers at Starbucks on A Street. Fraulino was found to have a cite release warrant for his arrest. Fraulino was admonished regarding trespassing at Starbucks and was cite released on his warrant.

– On 10/12/15 at 3:30 am an unknown driver hit a city light pole with their vehicle causing their car to be disabled and the light pole to fall in the street. The driver fled on foot and was not located. PG&E responded for the pole.

– On 10/11/15 at 10:20 pm a 27 year old female was home alone and was inside of her bedroom when an unknown suspect entered her apartment on Delta fair Blvd. through an unlocked living room window. The suspect opened her bedroom door and turned on the light. She screamed and the suspect fled out the front door. She was not injured. She was only able to see that the suspect was a male, but did not know his race. There was nothing taken.

– On 10/11/15 at 5:30 pm the resident left his 12 year old son home alone on Bronco Court. As he returned home, he noticed that his house had been burglarized. The suspect kicked in a side garage door and made his way into the master bedroom where he stole jewelry and other items. The 12 year old son was in his bedroom wearing headphones and playing video games the whole time and never heard a thing. The suspect left his jacket behind, which was collected. The Officer swabbed the jacket for DNA. No One was harmed during this event.

– On 10/11/15 at 1:30 pm 38 year old Heidi Clift was caught stealing items by Raley’s store loss prevention officers on Lone Tree Way. As she was escorted back into the store she began throwing items off of the store shelves. Earlier in the day she was seen going into a patient’s room at Sutter Delta Medical Center and locked herself in the bathroom so she could take a shower. Raley’s did not want prosecution and Clift was released.

– On 10/11/14 at 4:00 am, officers responded to the 911 call via Spanish translator of an assault on Spanos Street. Officers located a 33 year old male victim at the above location suffering from a 1″ laceration to the head. We learned that Cero had been out drinking and was going to his brother’s apartment when he was assaulted and robbed of his wallet. There are no suspects or witnesses.

– On 10/11/15 at 3:30 am officers responded to the 911 call of a burglary in-progress on Knollpark Circle. The homeowner took his wife and children into an upstairs bedroom and locked them inside. He looked out the window and saw the family dog, that’s kept in the garage, running down the driveway. The suspect entered an unlocked vehicle parked in the driveway and took the garage remote. The suspect raised the garage door and entered the garage and the dog ran out. The suspect opened the side door, which leads to the rear yard, and the alarm was activated. The suspect fled the residence and was not located by arriving officers. The loss was the garage door opener and other miscellaneous items from the car. The family was not physically harmed. There are no witnesses or suspects.

– On 10/110/15 at 7:40 pm 32 year old Jeventino Roblero-Perez lost control of his vehicle and took out a city light pole at Somersville and Buchanan Road. Roblero-Perez was still in the driver seat when officers arrived and displayed objective symptoms of intoxication. He performed a series of field sobriety tests and was found to be intoxicated. Roblero-Perez was arrested and provided a breath sample at APD. His blood alcohol content was found to be .19. He was transported to County Jail.

– On 10/10/15 at 6:30 pm 22 year old Andre Morgan walked into Cruiser’s Bar on A Street and attempted to order a beer. The bartender recognized Morgan from causing problems in the past and had him thrown out of the bar. Morgan became upset and used a brick to vandalize a vehicle in the parking lot belonging to the bartender, causing several thousand dollars in damage. Morgan was located nearby and identified as the responsible. He was arrested and transported to County Jail.

– On 10/10/15 at 11:20 am 53 year old Ivory Nelson was contacted while panhandling at the off-ramp of highway 4 and A Street. Nelson had a warrant for his arrest and sent to County Jail.

– On 10/9/15 at 11:53 pm 40 year old Carl Grubb was contacted for having a warrant for his arrest near a walking path at Mira Vista Court in Antioch. When he saw officers he attempted to flee from officers on his bike. Unfortunately, he was quickly stopped by a hanging bungee cord on his bike and came to an abrupt stop. Grubb was searched incident to arrest and a fixed blade knife approximately 5 inches long was located in his right front pants pocket. Grubb also showed to be on felony probation. Grubb was transported to County Jail.

– On 10/9/15 at 11:45 pm dispatch received eleven (11) 911 calls of shots fired near Garrow Drive. Officers responded to the area and located six (6) 9mm spent shell casings in the westbound lane of Limewood Dr. No victims were located at the scene. No cars or homes were struck. All of the callers heard the shots but no

eyewitnesses were located. No arguments were heard in the area prior to the shooting and no vehicles were heard leaving the area.

– On 10/9/15 at 6:30 pm an Officer was patrolling the parking lot of the Executive inn on 18th Street when he observed 28 year old Carlos Montanez walking away from the parking lot towards room 116. Montanez quickly went inside the room and closed the door. The officer located a stolen Jeep in the parking lot where Montanez had been walking. Montanez came back outside and was found to have a felony warrant for his arrest. Officers reviewed surveillance video from the motel and were able to view Montanez drive up in the Jeep just prior to our arrival. As officers were contacting Montanez, 33 year old Lanetra Beard arrived and was pointed out as renting the room Montanez had come from. Beard tried to distance herself from the room and provided a false name. After sometime, we discovered her true identity and her outstanding warrants. She was found to be on searchable probation. 32 year old Jayson Threatt was contacted during the probation search of the room. He was detained and found to have several outstanding warrants including a $1,000,000 dollar felony warrant for carjacking and robbery. During the search of the room we located a large black duffle bag which contained a black 357 single shot pistol, ammunition and two bullet proof vests. Threatt is convicted felon. All three were sent to County Jail

– On 10/9/15 at 3 pm a witness called APD after he observed 24 year old Ramiro Gomez driving a vehicle with a handgun on his lap. The witness provided Gomez’s direction of travel and Gomez was located driving in the area of Mahogany Way. A high risk stop was conducted and Gomez was found to have a handgun and loaded magazine between the driver seat and driver door. Gomez also had his two year old son in his vehicle. The firearm was registered to Gomez who doesn’t have any felony convictions. Gomez claimed that he has been shot twice and was in possession of the handgun for protection. Gomez was issued a citation and released.

– On 10/9/15 at 12 pm Antioch Unified School District staff requested a welfare check on the six year old victim due to suspected neglect. During a welfare check on Manzanita Way, it was found that the living conditions at the residence were uninhabitable. The six year old victim and the three month old victim were placed on a hold and were released to the custody of Children and Family Services. 64 year old Peter Gogue Sr. and 23 year old Larritta Oliver were both cite released for child neglect. 35 year old Peter Gogue Jr. is a felon and was in possession of ammunition. Gogue Jr. was arrested and sent to County Jail.

– On 10/9/15 at 4:15 am an anonymous concerned citizen called 911 to report several subjects with flashlights looking through a van parked on Campbell Street. Officers arrived and the van was gone, along with the subjects. The van was located and 29

year old Brian Ellis was contacted. Ellis was found to have a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and sent to County Jail.

– On 10/8/15 at 10:20 pm an officer was conducting extra patrol at Slatten Ranch when he on viewed a Chevy Camaro involved in a “side show” in the parking lot behind Hobby Lobby. An enforcement stop was done and 19 year old Depak Sukhu was found to be the driver and only occupant. Sukhu was cited for the violation and his car was towed for 30-Days. Two 17 year old males were parked in a separate Ford Mustang recording a video of Sukhu. They were both cited for being a spectator at a “side show” and their parents were called to the scene to take custody of them.

– On 10/8/15 at 9:30 pm an anonymous concerned citizen called APD to report a suspicious male walking back and forth in the area carrying a bag and flashlight on Crescent Court. Officers arrived and contacted 36 year old Juan Vela and learned he was on county probation out of San Francisco with a search clause. A search of his person produced 1.1 grams of methamphetamine and a glass pipe. He was arrested and cited in the field with a notice to appear.

On 10/8/15 at 9:30 pm officers conducted a pedestrian stop and asked 18 year old George Firestine if he had anything illegal on him. Firestine admitted he had “Oxy’s” in his pocket. During a consent search, they located a small plastic container with 9 pills in a plastic wrapper inside of it. The pills were labeled consistent with oxycodone. Under Miranda, Firestine admitted to stealing the pills from an unknown subject’s backpack at a local skate park earlier in the day. Firestine further admitted it was his intention to sell the pills for $20 each. Based on his admissions, Firestine was arrested.

– On 10/8/15 at 8 pm officers were dispatched to Sutter Delta Medical Center regarding an 18 year old male being admitted in the ER for being struck with a pistol. The victim stated he was parked with friends in his Lexus somewhere off of Dallas Ranch Road. They were approached by two males as they sat in the car. The males opened the door and one began striking the victim with a pistol for no apparent reason. The victim was less than forthcoming and believed the pistol was fake due to it breaking apart during the incident. The males fled on foot and did not take anything or speak during the entire incident. The victim did not desire prosecution and was later released with only minor injuries.

– On 10/8/15 at 12:53 pm 63 year old Gloria Escobido decided to urinate on a neighbor’s property in the 1300 block of West 4th Street. The victim witnessed the incident and it was recorded on his surveillance cameras. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest and Escobedo was cited at the scene.

Calls for Service & Arrest Data: Time Period: 10/08/15 00:00:00 – 10/14/15 23:59:59
Number of Calls for Service: 1,660
Number of Case Reports: 274
Number of Arrests: 101
Felony: 26
Misdemeanor: 73
Infraction: 2
Arrests with DUI charge: 3
The data is based upon unaudited CAD/RMS data at time of report generation.


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