Writer says Antioch Mayor Harper has failed

Dear Editor:

Antioch’s Mayor, Wade Harper, is a failure. Antioch is no safer since his election. Let’s take a look at the facts.

His claimed primary, election campaign platform was to improve Antioch’s public safety. He boasted “The City of Antioch will be a safer city on my watch” and “Stopping crime now starts with Police Lieutenant Wade Harper.” His campaign crowed “How about we elect a City Councilmember who has experience fighting crime – well beyond talking about it.”

He also promised “more police” and “less crime” in his overzealous support for a “yes” vote on the Measure C tax. What a farce that also has turned out to be. He was one of its main proponents for its passage. Same Police, same crime results since.

Antioch’s Police manpower hasn’t really been increased, even with Mayor Wade Harper at the helm, with the approximate same number (90 currently) of sworn Officers, as before. Antioch’s crime rate hasn’t really been reduced, it’s just been an illusionary misleading ‘dog and pony’ show when publicly discussed by him and others. Mayor Harper should’ve been put to a more successful recall effort. Unfortunately it failed due to technical problems by the proponents, from the start.

Where are the 20 plus “more” Officers that were promised? And where is the “less crime” he promised? Fooled you, didn’t he? Antioch’s documented crime rate is 46% more than California’s average crime rate, and 49% more than the National crime rate average, as last reported.

Antioch’s 2014 total police reported person crimes proves it’s increased by an additional 30% more since his election. And Antioch’s 2014 total police reported property crimes proves it’s doubled (by an additional 101% more) during his Council tenure.

Let’s face it, Antioch’s Mayor Wade Harper is a failure and needs to be replaced. We can do better without him. His boasting promises to our community have been hollow and full of self-promoting emptiness that has cost Antioch overall.

Ralph A. Hernandez


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  1. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    Harper never intended to fight crime in Antioch. Why? Well, the answer is simple. The people who voted for him are the criminals or in some way, related to the criminal. If you look at the statistics of the criminals and criminal supporters, you will see a striking racial similarity to Harper.

    Harper is super soft with his own race. He can’t risk being the “bad guy”. These are his precious voters.

    You got what you deserved, you idiot voters.

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