Chief Cantando: Violent, property crime down in Antioch through August

By Antioch Chief of Police Allan Cantando

The Antioch Police Department is happy to report our most recent Part 1 crime numbers. Our Part 1 violent crime has dropped 11.5% and our Part 1 property crime has dropped 12.4%. Combined, our total Part 1 crime has dropped 12.3%. In addition, our total arrests are up 19.9%. These numbers are compared to our stats from last year for the same time period through the month of August.

We have been doing weekly proactive details, focusing on violent crime, drug activity, blight, and traffic enforcement. Additionally, our Neighborhood Watch Groups have been very active in our community, reporting suspicious and criminal activity as it is occurring. There is still work ahead of us and improvement to be made, but together we are making a difference.

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