Watchdog: Math program shouldn’t be necessary for Antioch schools, opposes AUSD hiring consultants

Watchdog-LogoBy Barbara Zivica

No matter how successful the new Math Intensive program, developed by John Crowder, teacher, tutor and private school administrator and partnered by Angel Luevano, as a taxpayer I resent AUSD continually hiring and paying for outside “consultants”.

A little background: Angel Luevano has served as a substitute teacher in the AUSD district, worked for 25 years for the Department of Labor, was a Vice President for the Far West League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) where he no longer plays an active role, a plaintiff in a case that resulted in the elimination of the Professional and Administrative Career Exam for 118 federal job classifications and is married to Argentina Davila-Luevano, who ran unsuccessfully for the Antioch City Council in 2002 and Antioch City Clerk in 2006.

Additionally, Iris Archuleta, former Chief Information Officer for the school district, subsequently established a contractual relationship with the district. Her business, Emerald Consulting was reportedly paid approximately $50,000 for a few months’ work. Other consultants have been hired by the district, as well.

Why aren’t the administrators downtown, themselves properly overseeing each school, making changes in personnel when scores are dropping or when misbehavior is occurring on school grounds rather than hiring specialists? Administrators also need to listen to parents who complain about a specific teacher or are having a problem, because some principals, e.g. reportedly, Deer Valley’s Kenneth Gardner, who just don’t want to listen to parents’ concerns.

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  1. Nancy Fernandez says:

    I mostly agree with Mrs. Zivica however the district did not pay for the Math Intensive classes this past summer. CONCERNED PARENTS paid their own way.

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