Effort to defeat state’s 50% gas use reduction bill, running out of time; Glazer, Bonilla vote in favor

By Allen Payton

Time is running out to stop SB 350, which would impose a 50-percent reduction in on-road petroleum fuel use in California by 2030. With just one week left before the state legislature ends its session, lawmakers are working to pass the legislation.

It sets a goal of 50% electricity from renewables in the state, includes boosting the energy efficiency of buildings by 50%, by then, as well. The legislation the three-point plan Governor Jerry Brown laid out, earlier this year, to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions in the Golden State.

The California Driver’s Alliance, which describes itself as “a program of the Western States Petroleum Association, [that] represents fuel users and providers, on matters related to mandates impacting fuel costs and availability,” is working to defeat the legislation.

They claim the “law will limit how often we can drive our own cars. The state will also be collecting and monitoring our personal driving habits and tracking how much gas we use. They’re now reviewing regulations to force automakers to include data monitoring systems in all cars so that regulators will be able to penalize and fine us if we drive too much or use too much gas.”

According to a fact check article in the Sacramento Bee, “The legislation does not spell out how the state will achieve that level of petroleum reduction. Instead, it maintains the California Air Resources Board’s existing, broad authority over vehicle emissions and fuel standards. And it does not call for an ‘up or down’ vote on ARB regulations.”

Two of those who represent Antioch and East County in the legislature, have voted in favor of the bill, so far. State Senator Steve Glazer voted in favor of the bill, when it came before the full Senate on June 3, and passed by a 24-24-1 vote, before sending it to the Assembly.

Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla voted in favor of it, when it was before the Utilities and Commerce Committee, of which she is a member.

Assemblyman Jim Frazier, who represents Antioch, has yet to vote on the bill.

The bill is currently in the Assembly, where it has been amended.

To read the current text of the bill, click here.

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