City Manager explains reason, costs for Antioch’s new city brochure, mailed out to all homes and businesses, this week.

City NewsletterBy Allen Payton

In response to questions from the public about the City of Antioch’s nice, new brochure that was mailed out to both residences and businesses, this week, Herald staff asked City Manager Steve Duran about it. He responded via email, today.

Regarding your question as to how much the City Report cost:

It cost $12,695 for production and $6,132 to mail to every residence in Antioch, for a total cost of $18,8270. That’s approximately 17 cents per resident, using 108,298 population from State Dept. of Finance.”

Duran explained the reasoning behind the mailer.

Excerpt from Strategic Plan (page 20):

The City conducted a series of Community Café’s and Focus Groups over a number of months to get community input and prioritize the efforts of City government. What was evident throughout the Café’s was that, in addition to effective administration, the City needs to improve communications with the community in order to build greater trust.

Strategy L-1: Improve community communications and trust in City government and keep the community well informed as to the activities of the City departments.”

Additional copies will be used to promote the city, as well.

We have about 2,500 copies on hand for economic development purposes,” Duran added. “We plan to do this once a year to update the entire community on the status of key activities.”

The cost is about 50 cents per household and business in Antioch, based on approximately 37,000 postal customers in the city.

That’s not a bad price for a full-color, eight-page, coated stock brochure that’s mailed citywide.

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4 Comments to “City Manager explains reason, costs for Antioch’s new city brochure, mailed out to all homes and businesses, this week.”

  1. Arne says:

    Doing this is long overdue. I also have copies available at the City Clerk’s office on the first floor of City Hall.

  2. Dotherignthing says:

    So, this is the communication???? So-o-oooo positive! So slick! So not the point! What City Council does and what the police are not doing are the issues. The City Report doesn’t do a thing to alleviate my concerns as a citizen.

    • Publisher says:

      This is just part of the city’s communication with Antioch residents. It also includes the City Manager’s Weekly and Monthly Reports, which you can subscribe to receive via email on the city’s website.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

  3. Julio says:

    I thought the city report was just blowing hot air.

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