Antioch High Class of 1965 to hold 50 year reunion in October, seeks classmates

AHS class of 65 reunion

Hop in to your cherry Ford LTD or Barricuda and put on some Stones, Beatles, Dusty Springfield, Donovan or even Tom Jones, burn rubber and cruise on over to the Antioch High School Class of 1965’s 50th reunion.

For those who can remember that far back, class members will enjoy rapping and reminiscing at the Lone Tree Golf & Event Center on Saturday, October 24 from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m.

The evening will include no host cocktails and scarfing down a buffet dinner. There won’t be any rioting, protests or sit-ins that night. Just some dancing, in your mini skirt and knee-high boots, tie-dye or day-glo shirt, and other hip threads.

If you get bent or blitzed, it’s copasetic and alright, because you all qualify for Medicare, which President Johnson introduced that year.

So get with it and scrounge up some bread – $65 per person (a pretty boss price) then contact Laura Enea Jacques at either (925) 757-5904 or

It’ll be a gas and you’ll have a blast.

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AHS class of 65 reunion

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