Antioch’s New Mayas Ice Cream serves up delicious flavors from Mexico

Mayas insideBy Allen Payton

Ever had Mexican ice cream before? My mom and I just did, at the new Mayas Ice Cream Paleteria & Neveria that opened in Antioch on Memorial Day weekend in May. Boy, is it creamy, thick and delicious.

Owned and operated by Julieta and Fernando Lopez, Mayas offers a variety of flavors, including a few of the standards, like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chip and rocky road.

flavorsBut, they also offer a whole list of flavors, some of which I’ve never heard of before, like Mamey and Nanche, which are fruits, Pitaya – Dragon Fruit, Guanabana – Sour Sop, Gansito, which Julieta said is like Mexican Twinkies, plus Mango, Guava and Tequila, and even two with vegetables, like elote – corn, and avocado.

Mayas also serves common flavors like strawberries and cream, strawberry milk shake, coffee, pistachio, which I tried and enjoyed, Beso de Angel (Angel’s Kiss) – marshmallow, coconut, Arroz con Leche – rice pudding, Nuez – nuts, dried fruit and Chicle – gum.

Julieta let Mom and me sample a variety of their ice creams and I gotta say the cream cheese flavor was my favorite. But, it must be everyone’s because they’d run out, the day we were there. So, hopefully I’ll have some next time.

All of their ice cream is made in Mexico and you can have your scoops in a cup, or on a cake or waffle cone.

Mayas also serves other sweet and even spicy treats, including Mangonadas, Escamocha, which is fruit with a spicy sauce, Bionicos, a fresh fruit salad with sour cream, Pepino Locos, which are cucumbers with pickled pig skin, nuts and chamoy chili, Tostilos, which are chips with fruit and vegetables on top, Duero, which is frozen strawberries and cream, and also banana splits.

Owners Julieta & Fernando Lopez

Owners Julieta & Fernando Lopez

It’s a family run business, which includes the Lopez’ daughters, Evelyn and Amzi.

The shop, located at 4609 Golf Course Road near the corner of Lone Tree Way, behind Tailgater’s, is open every day, Monday through Friday, Noon to 9:30 PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 9:30 PM.

Stop by today, and tantalize your tastebuds with a cold, creamy, delicious treat this summer. See their ad on the next page to enjoy a discount on your next scoop.

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