AAA to relocate Antioch offices to Slatten Ranch Shopping Center

According to the latest weekly report from Antioch City Manager Steve Duran, the California Automobile Association, also known as AAA, will soon be relocating their Auto Center Drive offices to Slatten Ranch Shopping Center. They will totally renovate the Johnny Carino’s building, which closed some months ago.

“In recent years, AAA has been locating their retail facilities in shopping centers with mayor anchors to get better public visibility and higher traffic counts,” Duran’s report states. “Slatten Ranch accomplishes this objective for AAA and provides a destination use that will compliment the adjacent retail and restaurant uses. They plan on opening the new facility by year’s end.”

One Comment to “AAA to relocate Antioch offices to Slatten Ranch Shopping Center”

  1. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    What’s wrong with Auto Center? I guess AAA doesn’t fancy the homeless, drug dealers, prostitutes, and welfare, section 8’ers who run amok around Auto Center. Imagine that.

    Does welfare provide free AAA insurance? I think that’s why they’re packing up and relocating after realizing Obama minions don’t get free AAA insurance.

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